Fresh Start

Hello! Rachel has already started off this blog clear enough that I do not have to restate our underling purpose; so I shall jump right in and explain my part in this and personal reasons why I think keeping a blog is a nifty idea.


My story is fairly similar to Rachel’s. I have always held some sort of respect for those who keep up with their daily journals, dairies (and other things of that nature) but I never kept one myself. When blogging came into the picture I became even more impressed by the ones who wrote. Blogging became a way for people (as Rachel explained) to open up their lives to others. It is a way of sharing experiences, problems and advice. It seems to me that people are essentially handing out the key to what once was a locked parchment.


Like my friend, I too want to explore a bigger world by opening up and sharing my life. I hope that our blog will reach those who can relate or simply enjoy learning about random lives of others. Not only do I want to open up and express myself but I also wish to gain the discipline it takes to keep a blog.  As me and Rach keep up with this blog, it will definitely help to keep our friendship strong and allow us to explore our inner thoughts/selves.


But enough of what I am getting out of this deal!  As you follow along you will experience the journey through my next years in a brand new college and city. I’ve got one tough year of college under my belt and with transferring to Tyler I am practically starting afresh.  A clean start is always nice but that does not mean I am leaving all that I have gone through in my first year behind me. My first year was full of hardships and disappointment. It was hard living on my own, having a full-time job and also being a full-time student. It was disappointing going to a college where I was not being challenged. Both Rachel’s experiences and my own are certainly unique and we feel we have some insight to share to those in similar situations. We hope to relay our ways of dealing with new college life; from living away from parents to good old hygiene!


So if any of this sounds interesting to you please continue to read. There’s plenty more to come!




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