Two More Weeks of Sunshine

Well yesterday hit the two week mark that is left of my summer vacation (and only two more days of work…YAY). I’m sad to see it go but happy to finally be getting back to school. Unfortunately, Ashley is leaving tomorrow to go to Philadelphia to move into her apartment. It sucks. I’ll have no one to hang out with for the next two weeks because everyone is leaving. However, there is a slight chance that she might come home for a few days before I head out to the Burgh, which would make me extremely happy.

I on the other hand, still have some packing to do and need to buy a few more things for my suite (Point Park offers suites to sophomore and junior students, pretty sweet in my opinion). I need to get some organizational items such as a three drawer cart, a shower rack, containers, etc. I have a feeling once I get out to Pittsburgh and move in I’ll be running to Lowe’s or Target for something else. My bedroom only has a self standing closet which are pretty small from I’ve seen so I might have to get something else to put my mountain of clothes and shoes in.

Alas, the summer still holds some fun for me yet! Next Wednesday the boyfriend is taking me to Boalsburg to this beautiful 19th century historic bed and breakfast. Were spending one night there and going out to dinner and maybe a movie while checking out the town and heading to the Pennsylvania Military Museum. I’m quite excited to go on this little adventure and spend some much needed time together. This is our early two year anniversary gift to each other since we won’t be able to spend time together in September. I will defiantly be sharing lots of photos from our mini vacation on here!

Next weekend I’ll be heading to Vermont to take my little brother to his first year of college. I’ve never been to Vermont and really excited to see the state but I am not excited to drop my brother off and not see him again till Christmas.

After that I’m sure they’ll be a few last of the summer campfires and get togethers with the friends that are still left in my hometown. No matter what I’m going to try to make the best of the last two weeks here and spend time with my family and friends.

Till next time,


P.S. Good luck Ash!!


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