12 days

Today was my last day of work for the summer. I plan on spending the next two weeks packing, cleaning, and spending time with my friends and family. Ashley left for Philly two days ago and I’m already bored with out her. Before she left I gave her and her brother Geoff some farewell gifts. I gave her and Geoff some groceries to divide amongst themselves, along with reusable grocery bags. I bought Ash the newest issue of Cosmopolitan, bath towels, hand sanitizer, bowls, plates, chap stick and shaving cream. We spent her last night by going out to eat at a local Italian restaurant and having a camp fire. I’ve posted some photos below.

You can check out more photos from our night on our flickr page here.

Onto some college news; last week I received a letter saying who my roommates would be! I found them all on facebook but have only talked to roomie 1* maybe five time and roomie 2* just messaged me yesterday. The other roommate accepted me but I havent received any messages from her yet. So far the two girls I have talked to seem nice. Roomie 1 seems very energetic and outgoing. Roomie 2 seems very chill so far. I’m curious to see what my rooming situation will be like this year because I didn’t have some great experiences from the past when I went to AiP. I don’t expect to be best friends with my roommates of course but I hope that we can all get along so we can live comfortably.

I’m really excited for school to start. I just want to get there and do my thing and get right into working and all the fun college stuff. I’m very impatient so I’m getting antsy.

Well that’s all the news for today! Till the next post…


(* Real names not used for privacy)


3 thoughts on “12 days

  1. Finding out about new roomates is always so fun! This year, my suitemate has an identical twin who also goes to out school (Kent)! Hoe freaking cool!

  2. I was waiting all summer to find out who my roommates were. I started getting really nervous when after 4 days of friending them on facebook they didn’t accept my request or message me ha. I just hope this time is not as bad as my past experiences.

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