I’ve arrived!

It’s the night before my orientation and I’m wide-awake with anticipation! (Ha! That kind of rhymes.)

Philly has greeted me with some woes right when I first arrived. Before this move I have only been in the city a mere three times. One can imagine how nerve racking moving into a place you know nothing about. I would love to say that there were no worries in my mind and I was completely at ease but that would be a fib. I was nervous about moving into a new place and sharing it with two complete strangers. Besides living with my brother for the first year of my college experience I have never lived with roommates. This is where the majority of my nervousness comes from. Because I found this place on my own there is no match making when it comes to roommates. I am moving in with girls who are already living in the apartment. Although all are Temple students I know nothing else about them. As of now I have the apartment to myself and soon the other girls will move back in from their homes. I wish I knew more about my future roomies but I have no way of contacting them.
Upon moving into the apartment I found the living space to be an utter mess! I am not the cleanest person out there but this place was certainly unacceptable and hardly “move-in ready”. Trash was in the middle of the living room with flies all around. The stench was all throughout the place. When I opened the refrigerator I immediately regretted it! The landlord handed off the keys to me and jetted away without acknowledging the mess. I am ever grateful that my parents were with me, because if not I would have had to clean the entire apartment myself. My father called the landlord as soon as he entered the apartment. In a nice but definitely stern way he described the mess and his disappointment. Thanks to my parents the place was cleaned and no feathers were ruffled.
Lesson learned here is to 1. Make sure you check out the place you are moving into with great care. Inspect everything. 2. Never be afraid to insist on things that are in your right to insist upon. If you do not stand up and be clear then you will be easily taken advantage of. 3. Be thankful for your parents and the examples they are for your life!!
I have much to prepare before the morning comes. I will update after the orientation. Take care everyone!

P.S. Miss you Rach!!


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