I’m Back!

Yes as of yesterday I am back residing in Pittsburgh and starting my new journey at Point Park! My mom, dad, gram and pap helped me moved in yesterday. It took two cars to get all my stuff here but I ended up sending a lot back home with my parents because of limited space. I couldn’t keep my fridge out here because it was too tall so hopefully I can get a smaller fridge to put somewhere. I managed to get everything unpacked last night and the set up looks really good. So far I love this room and its way wayyyy nicer than anything I ever had or seen at AiP. It feels much more college like and cozy. Unfortunately, I have less clothes here than I normally would but what can ya do. Will, my best friend from out here stayed with me last night because I’m the only one in my room. There isn’t many people in the building either. I don’t like the area that this building is in, its pretty shady. Once there is more kids running around I will feel more safe. Will didn’t get here till about 1:30 in the morning and we ordered pizza and talked about what happened in our lives this summer.We basically got three hours of sleep because he had to go to work this morning.

Anyways, I haven’t figured out what to do today. I need to shower and get ready but there is so many things I want to explore around campus and the school is offering events for new students but I’m apprehensive about going because I don’t know anyone. One of my goals is to be more outgoing and I know I really should attend some things but I’m nervous. I guess we shall see what the day brings.

I got an email from one of my professors with the syllabus attached and he recommended getting my book for the first class. I see all my money disappearing rather quickly. It’s nice to know that PPU is more serious with books and being prepared. At AiP many instructors didn’t even use the book required. I didn’t know many kids that bought books at that school either. I’m up for a stronger academic challenge though.

Roomie Update! I have talked to all three roommates now and they all are friendly. They don’t move in till Saturday so I have one more night by myself.

I’m off to explore campus but I plan on writing more entries tonight so I can catch up on the past week. Stay tuned for my last week at home, pictures of my room, and advice on what to do before classes begin!



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