What to do at College Before Classes Start

For freshman, going to college may mean moving in 3-5 day before your classes even start. As for upper class-men it can be as early as 2 days. Besides moving in, going to orientations, and seeing old or new friends you still have a vast amount of free time. A big mistake that students make it by sitting in their dorm rooms doing nothing! Mostly because everything is new to them, they have a new found freedom, and they don’t know what to do with it! Here’s a list to give you a few ideas of how to use up your free time productively.

  • Explore Campus – Check out all the buildings, find your classrooms, find student services and offices. This way it can save you time when you go to your classes or need the school’s help. This can also be a good time to find a cafe or hang out spot for the future.
  • Attend School Sponsored Activities – Many colleges and universities set up events for students the week before classes. Some of them are informational or educational while some are just for fun. GO TO THEM! Even if you think it might be lame at least try it out. You could get free stuff, free food, or meet new people.
  • Start Job Hunting – Many of us can’t get through school without having a part time job. This would be the perfect time to look around and apply to businesses. Don’t forget to take a list of references and application information with you so you can fill out on the spot. Who knows they might just ask you for an interview.
  • Go to Career Services – Most schools have a career services department that help students prepare for entering the work force.They help you with resumes, help you find internships and part time jobs, and set up job fairs and similar events. These people are here to help you achieve and succeed so don’t waste it!
  • Start Studying Now – Students even in college tend to shy away from the word studying, however, preparing yourself before classes start can really help out in the long wrong. Pick up your textbooks early and start skimming over them to get an understanding of what you’ll be learning. You can also read over past material to refresh your mind.
  • Rekindle Past Friendships – Its been a long summer and you probably haven’t seen most of your friend if any from college. Meet up with them and spend time catching up.

Of course there are probably tons of others things to do during this time but these few things to me feel like productive but fun ways to spend your time before classes start.



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