Summer Recap Part 1

Okays so I know I’ve been saying for weeks now that I would talk about my mini vacation and my trip to Norwich. Now I finally have time to do that so I’m going to do a little entry about that.

Travis and I went to a bed and breakfast for our two year anniversary. After almost not going because of some last minute occurrences we get there about two hours late and with a slightly ticked inn keeper (even though we did call and fill her in that we were going to be late). That night we shopped around Barnes and Noble a little bit and then went to a restaurant called Luna 2. I got this pasta in marinara sauce that was really good while he got his usual…a burger. It was a nice restaurant that did brick oven specialties. I plan to go back to get one of their pizzas because they smelled and looked amazing.

Afterwords, we drove around looking for something to do since the “it” thing around there is to go to a bar (only 2 months till I’m a legal drinker). We ended up at a Dunkin Donuts/gas station to get a coffee. We went back to our room and spent some quality time together by cuddling, talking, and well you know ha.

The next morning we woke up bright and early for the inn keeper to serve us breakfast. It was there that we came to the realization that she was a cold, quiet, and unfriendly person. Not only did we figure this out on our own but the inn keepers assistant greeted us during our breakfast and was very nice and talkative and told us about the inn keeper.

Anyways, breakfast was good and we went back to our room. Travis slept while I packed and watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I woke him up for check out and then we headed to the PA Military Museum. I haven’t been there since I was a kid and was really surprised at how small it was. Despite the small, slightly boring exhibit I bought a USMC pin that said “Always Faithful” on it and had the EGA (Eagle Globe and Anchor; Marine symbol) on it has well. After that we went to the mall to walk around and have lunch before heading home.

Even though we didn’t do much it was still a good trip because we got to spend some one on one time together so it made me a happy Spammy (Trav’s nickname for me).

Photo Cred:

He looks thrilled doesn't he?

You can check out more photos from our weekend here.



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