Accomplished :)

This week’s accomplishments

1. Turned in Honors Program application and essay

2. Officially became a member of the National Broadcasting Society

3. Is becoming a member the Association for Women in Communications

4. Cleaned my bathroom and kitchenette

5. Worked/working a total of 31 hours this week

Yay for me! 🙂


Day 9: 60 Day Blog Challenge

Your last kiss

My last kiss was 11 days ago on Sunday night when I had to say goodbye to Travis. I went home that weekend but Travis wasn’t there because had drill. Fortunately his base is on the way to Pittsburgh (Literally right beside the highway). He was dismissed early enough that we were able to meet him at the Walmart by his base and he road along out with us for the rest of the trip.

Once we got to Pittsburgh, Travis and my grandparents helped me unload my stuff out of the car and into my room. They didn’t stay long so I walked them back out to the car. I gave my grandparents a hug and then gave Travis a hug and a kiss.

Now I have to wait it out till October 14th to see Travis again when he comes out with my parents for family weekend. Sad face 😦

Day 8: 60 Day Blog Challenge

Something your currently worrying about

If you read my blog regularly or every now and then, you might have read that I’ve been stressing out over balancing my time with work, school, and everything in between. I’ve also been disappointed in the social aspects of coming to this new college. Mostly everything I’ve been worrying about I’ve spoke of in a blog. You can find those blogs here…

Unsettled Thoughts and Is it the Weekend Yet?!

Today I’m not really worried about anything. So far I’m having a decent day and hope to finish it that.

A Big List on How to Save Money in College

Finances/ Credit Cards/ Investing

Avoid ATMs – Most ATM’s apply a surcharge fee for withdrawing money. See if you bank offers free ATM use.

Don’t get a credit card – Credit cards are a mess waiting to happen. If you do have one pay off purchases right away but cards to can lead to splurging.

Have an Emergency Fun – You never know what could happen.

Pay Bills on Time – Not paying your bills on time can result in bad credit or an increase to your interest rate

Free Accounts – Find a bank that gives free student bank accounts

Invest – Pay attention in economics class or do some research and buy a stock. Just make sure you follow the stock market.


Campus Gym – See if you campus has a gym for free student use.

Athletics – Join a school sponsored sport or athletic club.

Exercise DVD’s – Buy work out DVD’s like Hip Hop Abs or The Brazilian Butt Lift.

Go Natural – Run, bike, walk, and jog around campus.

I wish money grew on trees. Photo Credit:


Don’t Drink – I don’t condone underage or binge drinking in anyway but here below are some tips to save money if you do drink.

Cheap Beer – Natural Ice, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Keystone, Old Milwaukie, etc your typical cheap college beers.

Parties – Go to parties where you can have free alcohol.

Personal Brew – Brew your own beer or wine but double check with your dorm rules first.

Specials – Find bars and restaurants that offer happy hour or drink specials and only drink during those times.


Drive As Little As Possible – Start walking everywhere. Its good exercise and will save you from putting gas in your tank

Carpool – If you commute to campus start carpooling with other commuters and take turns

Public Transportation – Use public transit whenever possible. A lot of schools offer discounts for bus passes or have their own free shuttle system.

Buses and Trains – The Megabus can take you far distances for as little as $10. Amtrak is also very cheap and don’t forget to try Greyhound.

Skip Spring Break – Of course going to some beach would be totally awesome and amazing but is it really worth it? Not at all, you’ll end up regretting it sometime later in the year when you don’t have money.

AAA – Get a triple A membership to get discounts on travel, hotels, and road side assistance.

Road Trips – Keep road trips short. Don’t drive across five states and think you’ll be able to rough it. Try going somewhere within your state or nearby.

Camping – Very old school but very fun. You can get a camp site at a state park for free or for a cheap price. The only thing else you would have to pay for is food and gas.


Buy in Bulk – Buying in bulk is always cheaper than buying a few things at a time. It also saves you from taking another trip to the grocery store after a week.

Coupons – Don’t go Extreme Couponer but look through the Sunday paper and if you see a coupon for items you purchase then cut it out. Even its 50 cents off a product it will help out in the long run.

Shopper Rewards – CVS, Kmart, Giant, Giant Eagle, and many other stores have shopper rewards cards. These cards can give you discounts on items or a percentage off your entire purchase.

Generic Brands – Ever hear of the saying quality over quantity? Well this never applies to college students. Buy generic brands because they are way cheaper and at the price you won’t care if it doesn’t taste as good as name brand foods.

Plan Meals – Planning meals will help you see what ingredients you really need which brings us to our next tip on the list.

Make a Grocery List – Move over soccer moms, college kids can make grocery lists too. A list will help you stay on task and not over buy things that you really don’t need. Plus it saves you time from wandering around the store.

Meal Plans – Make use of your meal plan if your school provides one. The cost gets covered in your loans so you can pay it off when you have a full time job.

Coffee – A tall latte at Starbucks is over $3 in Pittsburgh and it sure as hell isn’t getting cheaper anywhere else. Skip the café and make your own coffee. If you like flavors you can buy flavored creamers or flavored syrups in grocery stores.


Buy Used or Rent Textbooks – Try Barnes and Noble’s website for used books, check out by eBay for used books, or see if your school store rents out books

Say No to Bookstore Prices – Your college bookstore is usually overpriced for used, rentals, and new books so search elsewhere to save a few bucks.

Electronic Books – Download an electronic book right to your PC or Mac for a smaller price than a hard copy.

End of Semester Sale – Make sure you sell your textbooks back at the end of the year. You won’t usually get the full price but a couple bucks is better than nothing.


Thrifty Shopper – Check out thrift and second hand stores that carry name brand clothing.

Discount Departments – TJ Maxx and Marshalls sell brand name clothing for a portion of the original price.

Sign Up Online – Sign up for Groupon and Livingsocial to get coupons and deals to business and events in your area.

Student ID – Your student ID can get you a ton of discounts or free entry to a ton of places.

Campus Events – Look into campus events like movie showings, concerts, games, etc. They’re usually free or at a discounted price and offer free food.

Netflix – Netflix offers unlimited DVD’s to your doorstep for $7.99 a month.

School Library – See if the school library rents out movies and video games to students.

Water – Ordering water at restaurants can save you a couple dollars every meal. If you’re not a fan of plain water ask for lemon with your water, squeeze the lemon into your glass and add a couple sugar or substitute sweetener packets into the glass. You now have lemonade.

Living Spaces (Rentals and Dorms)

Find a Roommate(s) – If you’re living off campus find a roommate(s). This way you can split the cost of rent and utilities. Make sure find someone you can trust.

Utilities – Find a place that includes utilities in the rent. This way you don’t have to shell out another hundred dollars and its all one bill.

Appliances – Rent from someone that includes appliances such as a washer, dryer and refrigerator. This can save you about $1,000.

Go Low – On air conditioning and heat that is. Keep it to the bare minimum that you can stand.

Unplugged – When you turn off something that electricity is still running through it. Unplug items so save a few bucks.

Lights Off – Keep lights off as much as possible.

Décor – Minimize on decorating. I know it’s really exciting to finally be able to decorate your own space, but it’s not a necessity.

Look familiar? Photo Credit:


Manicure – Learn how to paint your own nails or have a friend do them. That saves you $30 every other week from a manicure.

Hair Cuts – Find a salon that offers student discounts or go to a cosmetology school to have a student cut your hair for free.


Detergent – Buy your own laundry detergent from the super market instead of spending a butt load for little packs at the laundry mat.

Washing – Wash your clothes every other week and fill up the washers to save time and cash.


Student Discounts – Apple and PC offers education stores that sell products to student for a cheaper price. You can also buy software for a student price as well.

Pay as You Go – Consider a pay of you go cell phone plan instead of a monthly plan with all that extra charges.

Socializing – To minimize phone bills try instant messaging, email, and/or Skype.

How to Make Money

Sell Old Clothes – Take your unwanted clothes to a thrift store that purchases name brands.

Have a yard sale – Sell all of your unwanted junk for a few bucks.

Recycle for cash – Some places take aluminum cans for 10 cents apiece.

Collect your change – A little change can go a long way if you keep it in a jar.

Sell Yourself – No not prostitution! Sell your expertise such as tutoring, repair services, music lessons, etc

Part-Time Job – Find a part-time job. A lot of schools can help you find one. It’s not impossible to keep a job and get good grades in college.

Work Study – Ask your school if your work study applicable. You can make minimum wage by working at your school. It’s very convenient because they work around your class schedule.

Yard Work – Rake some leaves, mow lawns, gardening. You can do all of this and charge for it.

Babysitting – Find parents to babysit or if you’re not a fan of children try pet sitting.

Day 7: 60 Day Blog Challenge

Your opinion on cheating people.

A cheating person could be a student who looks off of another students work during a test and steals their answers. A cheating person could also be someone who plagiarized someone’s original work. A cheating person could cheat in a sport or game to win. A person could cheat their tax’s to get back more on their tax returns. These are only just a few examples of how people can cheat through out their lives. Out of my own curiosity I typed in “cheating people” and “top ways people cheat” and wasn’t at all surprised by my results.

At an adult and mature age the number one thing that pops into peoples minds when they hear the word “cheat” is in reference to romantic relationships. Big surprise right. I’m not going to beat a dead horse by going into some story about people cheating in a relationship blah blah blah. In general, I look down upon cheating. But let’s face it, were only humans.

I can confidently say that 95% percent of the worlds population has cheated in some way. I know I have. Sometimes its little, stupid things that don’t matter. Other times its huge, important things. Either way you cheated none the less. The reason being is because everyone has a hint of selfishness in them. Everyone wants to further things in their lives and sometimes you have to cheat to do it. Sometimes cheating isn’t a bad thing if the outcome has made something right.

What I’m trying to say here is that their is always two sides to every story and you need to be fully aware of both. Also, cheating isn’t the end of the world (maybe for some people it is ie. death penalty) just go on and live your life.

Day 6: 60 Day Blog Challenge

The person you like and why you like them.

I think that it’s beyond “like” at this point. At least one would hope so after 2 years. My boyfriend Travis is a really great guy. We’ve had a lot of rough times and almost didn’t make it at one point, but somehow we managed to get past all of our differences and hardships. Of course there is still things to be worked on and little arguments but what real relationship doesn’t? Of course, no one in this world is perfect and no couple is either.

When I come home from school in May

The biggest reason why I initially fell for Travis was because he had his head on straight. He just graduated from Marine boot camp and had a devotion to the military, he had a good family, he was enrolled to Penn State for a degree that he felt strongly about, had a job, and bought his own car. I felt like I found someone who finally was up to par (all of my other boyfriends where shit bags and still continue to be to this day) and had similar goals and a drive to succeed like I did. Not only was there that, but he was extremely funny, cute, and got along with just about anyone.

It’s funny to look back at when we first started dating and see how much of our relationship has changed. We’ve grown so much as individuals and have grown together as a couple. I for one was never the marrying type nor believed in marriage at all until Travis and I started dating. I still don’t full-heartedly agree on the idea and concept and marriage but I’m open to it now and if it would happen that everything worked out and Travis proposed, I would say yes (were talking years down the road here by the way).

Now I just love him because he’s my best friend. I don’t just get treated like I’m a girlfriend, I get treated like I’m his closet friend too and vice versa. It’s hard to describe our relationship to someone else because you can’t fully understand it unless you are around us and watch us. I know that were a very very different couple and I honestly haven’t seen another couple like him and I. I can’t even begin to tell you how close him and I are. There is no awkwardness. He comes in and talks to me while I’m taking a dump. Yeah your all thinking that’s so gross blah blah blah, but really I don’t care because who can say that they’re that comfortable around their boyfriend? No one I know that’s for sure. I can never imagine being this close with anyone else and I know that I can’t because its special. That’s another reason why I love him so much.

Everyday I find another reason why I love Travis. Sometime it’s just little stupid things he says that makes me laugh. I look forward to finding more reasons for many many more days in my life.

Were so gay

Unsettled Thoughts

Long time no see everyone. So I’m going to be blunt and straight forward and just say that I don’t know if I like Point Park yet or not. The school is nice and I like all my classes, which is the most important part but the social aspect just sucks. I have yet to make a friend here. Sure I’ve conversed with a few people and get along with my roommates but I don’t connect with these people. I haven’t met anyone that I just instantly spark with. I was hoping and kind of expected that by now I would have found someone that I could talk to about all sorts of things, go places with, and hang out with. I have had no such luck and its a bit depressing. I came to this school to be more challenged academically and receive a better education, but I also came here to make good friends. Having good friends isn’t something I walked away with from AiP, and something I always longed to have. I wanted that college friendship you see in the movies and read in the books. The one where they get along so well and they become life long best friends. Yes its all fictional but I’ve seen it happen in real life.

I’m starting to wonder if maybe I just give off this stay away vibe. Maybe I just look unfriendly or unapproachable. If that’s case I don’t know what it is about me that makes people feel like that. I’m rather a quiet person in my classes not because I’m shy but because I like to mind my own business and try to keep a professional manner. Maybe I just need to be more outgoing or something. UGH! I just want a friend that’s really all I ask for. I’m in the process of joining clubs so maybe I’ll meet someone there. Who knows.

Other then that I’ve been quite busy with work and school. I don’t have a large amount of homework but I’m beginning to see how different a university is from AiP. At Point Park my classes are mostly all lecture and then we hav two-three exams which is the main percentage of your grade. We have a few papers and assignments here and there but nothing major. At AiP you had final projects which were obviously creative and artistic projects and final exams (if you even had any) weren’t a key factor. I failed exams at my classes in AiP but still passed classes with a B. I’ve never done really well on exams or big tests because I’m more of a visual, hands-on person so I’m concerned that here I won’t do as well. However, now that I have more discipline I’m hoping I can train myself to do better at exams and learn to study more productively.

It’s really not terrible here at all and I keep thinking back to my first days at AiP and what was going through my head and so far my start here is way more positive.

On a more personal note, I went home last weekend and it was great to be home. I could smell fall in the air and loved it. I got to see my family and Ash and a lot of my other good friends. I missed nights sitting in Red’s (local diner) and just drinking coffee and having a great conversation. I also had a fire with a few friends too. I missed those fires.

Travis came out last Wednesday night to visit. We went to my favorite pizza place and pigged out. Then we went for a late night walk at Point State Park. It was a beautiful night. It was cool and windy. Everything was just perfect and it was romantic without the overly mushy stuff. We had a good two year anniversary despite the short time together.

That’s all for now. I will hopefully have a better week then the last and get back to being a more active poster.

Life is Crazy

I just wanted to apologize for the lack of blog posts lately. I was working on a college interest blog and never got a chance to finish it. I’ve been pretty busy lately with 25 hour work weeks and 15 hours of classes. Plus all the little stuff that comes in between like sleep, boyfriend, family, and all sorts of other fun stuff. I should be able to post tomorrow or Friday so hang tight.

Day 5: 60 Day Blog Challenge

5 things that irritate you about the opposite/same sex?

1. When women act stupid just to impress someone (usually a guy).

2. When men check out and talk (when I say talk I mean raunchy and perverted comments) about other women when they are in a serious relationship.

3. When women only care about fashion and looking pretty, trendy, etc because there is more to life than just physical looks.

4. When men don’t dress nicely and/or appropriately to go out in public. You don’t have to wear a suit, but cleanliness reflects what type of person you are.

5. When men act immature, rowdy, and childish in front of their dude friends.

Day 4: 60 Day Blog Challenge

What do you wear to bed?

T-shirt and sweats. Pretty simple. Sometimes I throw on an old tank and a pair of work out shorts or my boyfriend’s boxers on. I don’t get glamorous or dolled up just to sleep. I don’t really understand why women pay so much money for a pair of pajamas. Sure if Victoria’s Secret pj’s are on sale I’ll buy em but I wouldn’t pay full price for something like that.