After some brainstorming and rereading of the blog content I have come up with some ideas to interest readers, tie Ash’s and I’s entries together, and to network the blog more.

As for my posts: every week I’m going to post an column/article type entry ranging from various subjects. Here’s a few sneak previews: fall fashion must have’s, stereotypical college students, ways to improve studying, easy and cheap dorm wall decor, and lots more. I’m also going to add a weekly link to another website that I find interesting or helpful to young adults and college students. Once classes begin, I plan to add my written assignments to my personal blog which I shall post on here for your reading pleasure if you are interested.

Tying Ash and I together: after Ash’s life settles down a little she’ll be back to blogging and a bi-weekly assignment given by me. Every other week, Ash and I will give each other assignments that we have to complete, document, and blog about. The goals of these assignments is to challenge us to get out in our cities, meet new people, and open ourselves up. For example, one assignment to Ash would be to find a coffee shop with great coffee and chill atmosphere.

Networking: I’m waiting for approval from ontoplist.com in hopes of getting the blog to more people. With the articles/column blogs that I talked about above I plan to enter those into the wordpress PostAWeek contest. Were really hoping that we can start getting more followers and have people comment our blogs. We really just want to be heard and have our readers take something out of one of our posts.

I’m hoping that these ideas work and improve the blog. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for us we would love to hear them!



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