Day 1: 60 Day Blog Challenge

1. Weird things you do when your alone?

I really thought for a long time on this question. I’m sure some of the things I do when I’m alone are weird but I just don’t realize that I’m doing them. I’m not really sure if these things classify as weird or maybe they are to some people. Who knows.

I pick food out of my braces with my finger nails. Yes, I do own a tooth brush but sometimes if I’m just chilling and I have food stuck in them and it hurts my gums I just dig it out with my nail.

I’ll just get naked. For no reason at all. Just walk around and chill out. I won’t sit on anything that isn’t in my room of course but walking to the kitchen for a drink…hell yeah.

I talk to myself.  A lot of us do this but I take it to the next step. Sometimes if I need to talk to someone about something that I’m afraid to speak with them about act out the situation and what I’m going to say. I visualize the location, the person, etc and just speak it out and repeat it. Or if I need to get something off my chest and I have no one to talk to about it I say it out loud instead.


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