Day 2: 60 Day Blog Challenge

How have you changed in the past 2 years?

I changed a lot within the past two years. I still am the same person I’ve always been with the same personality. I just grew up and got more responsible and matured.

Lets take it back to two years ago when I was not even a freshman in college yet. I was still at home working at Dunkin Donuts waiting for October to roll around so I could finally start school. All my friends had left for school already or were still in high school. Ashley was in California and I wasn’t even dating Travis yet.Now I’m in a completely different school with new friends and only a few from two years ago. I look different and inside I’m different.

I learned to take responsibility because mommy and daddy (sarcasm) aren’t always going to be there to protect me. I wash my dishes, clean, cook, do laundry. I’m not a messy, gross college student. I’m actually the cleanest one I’ve come across so far. I’ve learned how to study and prepare for classes. I figured out that I just can’t not do my homework or not study like I did in high school. I’ve figured out you have to show up for class, pay attention, read, study, write, do your homework, and all that other fun stuff to get good grades.

I’m slowly getting better at talking and communicating with other people. I’ve learned time management skills and how to use time effectively. I’ve lighted up on my cynical and negative view points and overall have became a happier person. I straightened up my act and got away from the partying scene and got rid of friends who are still stuck in that scene and replaced them with knew ones who have goals, dreams, and morals.

I’ve learned not to let men push me around, use me, or take advantage of me in a relationship. I don’t put up with bullshit anymore and stick up for myself.

I put myself first before anyone. This may seem selfish but too many people have double crossed and back stabbed me to point where my needs and wants come first. Friendships have ended and new ones began but I like the friends I have in my life right now but I’m still looking for good ones here at school.

I take things more seriously and have become interested in more serious subjects. My ambitions have grown tremendously especially academically. The girl who once hated school is now looking into graduate schools and even considering getting her doctorates at Harvard.

In big ways I have really changed but I’m still the same person. I feel like all of my changes have been for the best.

This is me two years ago. September 10 , 2009.

This is me today. September 12, 2011.




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