Is It The Weekend Yet?

Week three of school it is and I’m already tired. I’m so not used to this constant work and school thing or relying on my feet to take me everything where. I remember last year before I left AiP I would go to bed between 10 pm and 12, wake up between 7 am and 9am for classes or days I had off work (woke up at 4 am to go to work), and feel absolutely great. I wasn’t tired or sleepy and had a ton of energy to get me through the day. I hope I can condition myself to being back like that again because I miss feeling wonderful and ready to take on anything everyday.

I’ve had a pretty uneventful week. Classes and work consumed most of it. I went out with roomie 3 and some of her friends to Tilted Kilt. My other roommates work there and we decided to visit them. After eating we went to the corner store where I grabbed some cookies and chocolate milk (damn you monthly mother nature visits) and walked to my old hang out spot in passive park. I came home after that and just relaxed.

I feel pretty good about myself because I’ve been staying on top of things. I cleaned my room and bathroom, did laundry, and washed my dishes. I got all my homework done and attended an extra credit tutoring session for my Journalistic Skills class. I got help from the writing center for my honors essay and am now hopefully unstuck on where to go with it. I’ve been eating decently healthy (except for the large $9.96 college special pizzas that are amazing), drinking lots of water, taking all my pills on time, and walking as much as possible. Except for the drowsy and sleepiness I feel great!

I’m extremely excited for this weekend because Thursday after my morning class I’m going home. Ash and her brother Geoff are coming home too. I’m super excited to see them and hang out. I’ve been longing for one of my backyard fires for weeks now. Only bummer about going home this weekend is that Travis has drill so I wont be able to spend time with him. However, if everything works out hes going to come visit me on Wednesday night and leave from here to go to drill. Not only is this awesome but its even more awesome that Thursday is our 2 year anniversary.

Hopefully this week unfolds lots of fun things and more sleep since I only work one day and get to sleep at home in my comfy bed. Ta ta for now.

– Rachel


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