Unsettled Thoughts

Long time no see everyone. So I’m going to be blunt and straight forward and just say that I don’t know if I like Point Park yet or not. The school is nice and I like all my classes, which is the most important part but the social aspect just sucks. I have yet to make a friend here. Sure I’ve conversed with a few people and get along with my roommates but I don’t connect with these people. I haven’t met anyone that I just instantly spark with. I was hoping and kind of expected that by now I would have found someone that I could talk to about all sorts of things, go places with, and hang out with. I have had no such luck and its a bit depressing. I came to this school to be more challenged academically and receive a better education, but I also came here to make good friends. Having good friends isn’t something I walked away with from AiP, and something I always longed to have. I wanted that college friendship you see in the movies and read in the books. The one where they get along so well and they become life long best friends. Yes its all fictional but I’ve seen it happen in real life.

I’m starting to wonder if maybe I just give off this stay away vibe. Maybe I just look unfriendly or unapproachable. If that’s case I don’t know what it is about me that makes people feel like that. I’m rather a quiet person in my classes not because I’m shy but because I like to mind my own business and try to keep a professional manner. Maybe I just need to be more outgoing or something. UGH! I just want a friend that’s really all I ask for. I’m in the process of joining clubs so maybe I’ll meet someone there. Who knows.

Other then that I’ve been quite busy with work and school. I don’t have a large amount of homework but I’m beginning to see how different a university is from AiP. At Point Park my classes are mostly all lecture and then we hav two-three exams which is the main percentage of your grade. We have a few papers and assignments here and there but nothing major. At AiP you had final projects which were obviously creative and artistic projects and final exams (if you even had any) weren’t a key factor. I failed exams at my classes in AiP but still passed classes with a B. I’ve never done really well on exams or big tests because I’m more of a visual, hands-on person so I’m concerned that here I won’t do as well. However, now that I have more discipline I’m hoping I can train myself to do better at exams and learn to study more productively.

It’s really not terrible here at all and I keep thinking back to my first days at AiP and what was going through my head and so far my start here is way more positive.

On a more personal note, I went home last weekend and it was great to be home. I could smell fall in the air and loved it. I got to see my family and Ash and a lot of my other good friends. I missed nights sitting in Red’s (local diner) and just drinking coffee and having a great conversation. I also had a fire with a few friends too. I missed those fires.

Travis came out last Wednesday night to visit. We went to my favorite pizza place and pigged out. Then we went for a late night walk at Point State Park. It was a beautiful night. It was cool and windy. Everything was just perfect and it was romantic without the overly mushy stuff. We had a good two year anniversary despite the short time together.

That’s all for now. I will hopefully have a better week then the last and get back to being a more active poster.


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