Day 6: 60 Day Blog Challenge

The person you like and why you like them.

I think that it’s beyond “like” at this point. At least one would hope so after 2 years. My boyfriend Travis is a really great guy. We’ve had a lot of rough times and almost didn’t make it at one point, but somehow we managed to get past all of our differences and hardships. Of course there is still things to be worked on and little arguments but what real relationship doesn’t? Of course, no one in this world is perfect and no couple is either.

When I come home from school in May

The biggest reason why I initially fell for Travis was because he had his head on straight. He just graduated from Marine boot camp and had a devotion to the military, he had a good family, he was enrolled to Penn State for a degree that he felt strongly about, had a job, and bought his own car. I felt like I found someone who finally was up to par (all of my other boyfriends where shit bags and still continue to be to this day) and had similar goals and a drive to succeed like I did. Not only was there that, but he was extremely funny, cute, and got along with just about anyone.

It’s funny to look back at when we first started dating and see how much of our relationship has changed. We’ve grown so much as individuals and have grown together as a couple. I for one was never the marrying type nor believed in marriage at all until Travis and I started dating. I still don’t full-heartedly agree on the idea and concept and marriage but I’m open to it now and if it would happen that everything worked out and Travis proposed, I would say yes (were talking years down the road here by the way).

Now I just love him because he’s my best friend. I don’t just get treated like I’m a girlfriend, I get treated like I’m his closet friend too and vice versa. It’s hard to describe our relationship to someone else because you can’t fully understand it unless you are around us and watch us. I know that were a very very different couple and I honestly haven’t seen another couple like him and I. I can’t even begin to tell you how close him and I are. There is no awkwardness. He comes in and talks to me while I’m taking a dump. Yeah your all thinking that’s so gross blah blah blah, but really I don’t care because who can say that they’re that comfortable around their boyfriend? No one I know that’s for sure. I can never imagine being this close with anyone else and I know that I can’t because its special. That’s another reason why I love him so much.

Everyday I find another reason why I love Travis. Sometime it’s just little stupid things he says that makes me laugh. I look forward to finding more reasons for many many more days in my life.

Were so gay


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