Day 11: 60 Day Blog Challenge

Your current relationship, if single describe how single life is

I feel like this question is very close to question # 6. At least my answer to that question talked about my relationship with my boyfriend. You can read that answer here. But as for an update on our relationship: Travis is coming out to visit me next weekend! It’s family weekend at Point Park and Travis is coming out Friday afternoon to spend the weekend. My parents are coming out for the day on Saturday. We get to go to places around the city and enjoy events sponsored by the school.

I’m really looking forward to it because Travis and I haven’t spent much time together since I came to school. I think on Friday night that were going to just relax and watch movies and order take out. Getting fat and wearing sweats sounds like a great way to catch up to me. Then we can spend the rest of the weekend exploring and hanging with my parents.

The last weekend in October is the Marine Corps birthday ball. Trav’s unit is having the ball in Erie. I have never been to Erie so I’m looking forward to seeing a new city. Plus he gets all dressed up in his blue’s and looks so handsome and sexy. I get to dress up as well but this year I’m just wearing my senior prom dress due to low finances. I’m still really excited though.


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