The Last Step of Adulthood: My 21st Birthday

In roughly 17 days (not counting today) I will be 21 years old. I might be one of the very few who are 21 with braces but I’m still the first of my group of friends to fully hit that mark of adulthood. Even though I don’t drink I’m still really excited for it. I guess I’m looking forward to being able to have a casual drink with my mom when we go out to dinner.

Last year, I had a big party with all my friends because I don’t drink so I figured I would have no need for a party this year. Well after trying to figure out something to do for my birthday, I stumbled upon hot pink and black zebra print birthday decorations at Party City. They were so freakin awesome that I decided to have a party despite what I said last year. My party is in full swing and I’m still planning out the little details.

The basic premise of the party is that everyone has to wear hot pink, white, black, and/or zebra print. Festivities include pin-the-tail on the zebra and a fire after mocktails and appetizers.And I ordered a zebra print birthday cake! I’m also having a candy bar featuring all pink, black and white candy.

For decorations I’m buying zebra print balloons, plates, and solid color table wear that match accordingly. I’m getting pink and black lanterns and hanging them from the ceiling of my porch with twinkle string lights. I have a few other ideas in mind but I can’t give away all the party secrets just yet. Below is some of my inspiration.

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I’m still debating on my party outfit. I have a black and white zebra print cardigan that I could wear over a hot pink tank but that’s a little boring. I thought about getting the top below to add a little shimmer and attention to myself. Plus I really want a tiara and matching sash that says “Birthday Bitch” on it from Spencers but it comes in red not pink. However, “Birthday Babe” comes in pink but bitch is much more appropriate for my personality.

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I can’t wait to see what it turns out like. If anyone has any tips or ideas I’m defiantly open to them!


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