Double D’s ROR … or donut lady of doom

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow is my Dunkin Donuts store’s ROR day. What ROR stands for I don’t really know but the definition would be the day the doughnut nazi lady comes into our restaurant and looks over every nook and cranny and inspects everything down to a sprinkle on a doughnut.

Really, its not that bad from what my manager told me but I guess I’m pretty nervous about working on this oh so special day. But everything has to be by the book. All the donuts must look like they were just freshly baked in Antonin Careme’s kitchen. Everything most be stocked and properly displayed . All the employees must greet the guests properly and build coffees, sandwiches, and other beverages correctly.

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I cant even begin to tell you about the serious amounts of cleaning I have put into tomorrow already. Why did I work 37 hours last week you may have been wondering? Well because I spent extra time scrubbing the black, built-up grime off of the counters and bleaching the walls to there originals whites. You would think with a full team of wonderful employees (sarcasm) that we would all do our share. Kind of like that song they taught you in pre-school “clean up clean up everybody everywhere clean up clean up everybody do your share”. What a joke that was because myself and one other crew member has worked on getting this place ready (besides he managers of course).

The inspection lady even asks the employees questions. For example, how long is a bagels shelf life, what comes in the box of joe bags, what temperature must he water be when washing your hands. And we have to have a two minute service time for every order.

Its a pretty precise ordeal. We have an ROR every 6 months but last time I wasn’t in town. Somehow we managed to get a 100 percent. The first store in the downtown area to ever get a perfect score.

So here I am going blind into the line of fire with the pressure of not messing up our perfection. I’m just afraid I’ll make one little, stupid mistake and screw the whole thing up. I get nervous when someone is breathing down my neck just waiting to receive the pleasure of me making a mistake. I just have to remember the three C’s: calm, cool, and collected. Plus a dash of wit and charm.  Wish me luck!

Circa 2008ish HAHA




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