Day 13: 60 Day Blog Challenge

A date you would love to go on

I don’t have the perfect date planned out in my head. Never have and never will. I’m not much for idealistic or material things. To me all that really matters on a date is your spending time with the person you like or love. Or even if its a bad date with a person you find you cant stand, at least you got a good laugh out of it.

No fancy restaurants, expensive wine, or designer dresses are required for a date with this girl. I want to show the real me, how I am everyday. Going to a old, run-down diner but with  a lot of character would be a great spot. Getting a coffee, nice greasy burgers or some amazing breakfast. Maybe splitting a banana split for dessert. Conversing about each others lives, politics, art, life, music, etc. Starring at the other people in the diner wondering what their life story is. Followed by a ride down some old, off the beatin’ path road. Stopping at a random field to gaze up at the stars or find a good look out spot that shows a town or valley of fields and tries. Or a city in some cases. Just exploring the evening and night together talking about random and crazy things.

That’s my type of date. Nothing fabulous, nothing pricey, just good quality time together.

Travis and I at my hometown diner


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