Day 16: 60 Day Blog Challenge

Three things you love about your personality

1. Straightforwardness – I’m a very straightforward and blunt person. Some people think I’m just being sarcastic or joking but really I’m being serious.

2. Hardworking – I work really hard at my job even though I don’t get paid well. I also work hard on other things that I really care about like school, personal projects, etc. Working hard might not seem like it pays off but in the long run it does and I love feeling the personal satisfaction knowing I worked my ass off.

3. Passion – I love that I have always had a passion for video production and creativity. I always knew what I wanted to do and have the drive to fulfill my dreams. I can’t imagine every doing anything else.


2 thoughts on “Day 16: 60 Day Blog Challenge

  1. Well this is Awesome i have to say first , i came across this today and saw this article even though its been here since oct. 2011

    But to answer i have to say
    the three things i love about my personality are
    1. Hand-it-front- I waste no time telling people the truth about things if they ask me, in general im very personable but when people ask for advice or feedback i will always give you my honest opinion 😉

    2.Earnesty and AmbitionI have to say i’m very earnest, im not shy about trying new things , meeting new people or taking on big projects, like my recent Blog and Web service site i launched Check it outxxxx

    3.Intellectualism- I love talking and networking with people who can have a good conversation about the changes in the world, i find my self being a deep thinker and conversationist, it try to express my talents and brains through my poetry, writing, speech and creations that i hope will pay off in the near future.
    🙂 well thanks asking 😉

    • Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I would have to say I’m the same way with your number 1 and 3. But I am shy and timid about trying new things. I have this fear of failing and embarrassing myself. Its something I’m trying to over come while I’m at college. I hope to write about it here on my blog. Good luck with your business!

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