A Blog Rematch

Most of you are probably wondering what happened to the blog posts about surviving college from two best friends who went to totally different schools at the “split ends” of Pennsylvania that Ashley and I promised you. Well I’m here to tell you that we failed. Ashley was unable to blog due to issues with her new environment that weren’t so great for her and because of that I wasn’t feeling very aspired to keep the blogging going myself. I kind of gave up after trying to get Ashley more involved and it not happening which is why I’m starting off fresh this semester. I don’t want to give up on this blog and have plans to turn it around. Unfortunately that means without Ashley, shes is at a time in her life where she really isn’t sure what she wants or what to do and has more important things to worry about then keeping up with a blog. If she would ever say she wanted to come back to it I would gladly let her, but for now the show must go on.

My Plans …

I’m going to totally redo the look of the blog and personalize it to my taste. The theme will still be mainly based on the college going experience, but as a budding journalist I want to give the blog a more mature feel. I want to write opinions on things in the world and in my life such as politics, society, news, etc. Most importantly I want to encourage and influence young women to be smart and intelligent, but still keep a hold of femininity and beauty. There will still be fashion and beauty blogs, but I want to express the idea that you can be intelligent and beautiful.

The whole idea is still a work in progress and I’m not exactly sure where I want to go with it. In time I’m sure it will come together to be a great blog. For now, I’m going to be changing minor things and hopefully continue doing the blog challenge I started as well as other blogs I started here.

What I’m asking from my readers is too be patient until I can pull this site together. I would love feedback and any recommendations you may have. I have always wanted to have a blog to express my opinions and feelings and I’m not going to give up hope that it might speak to someone else.

Here’s to a new start …