#2 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Giant Valentine’s Day Cards! Nothing like making a homemade card and adding your own special touches to it. This is extremely simple and fun. You don’t need much at all!

Card I created for my boyfriend in 2010

Supplies You Will Need

Poster board paper about 22 x 28 inches



Glitter/Glitter Pens

Heart Doilies

Valentine’s Day Stickers/Crafty Things

Poem, song, quote, etc

Construction Paper

Markers/Crayons/Color Pencils


  1. Fold the poster board in vertically in half or horizontal to shape your card
  2. Decorate the front in anyway you want. Look at other cards to get some inspiration
  3. On the inside of the card, write or type a poem, song, or quote that is special to you and your lover
  4. You can decorate the inside as well
  5. Make sure you give everything plenty of time to dry between working on the outside and inside of the card

    Inside of Card

    Inside left

    Inside right


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