Globe Articles

Just thought I would post some links to the article I have been writing for The Globe, Point Park’s newspaper. I am hoping to write at least five articles this semester. Only three to go!


4 thoughts on “Globe Articles

  1. Thank you! I just started writing for the paper this semester. I never took any journalism classes in high school. I was always doing video work and the first college I went to didn’t offer journalism. Since transferring to Point Park I have been able to take journalism classes and love it. I feel like I’m finally finding what I am meant to be doing.

  2. Great start!! I wrote a little bit for the school paper but at the time (oh, so long ago) I was a double major English/Art. So I chose to focus on painting. Writing while you are still in school is the best thing you can do. You will develop your skills and find your voice so much earlier than other writers. Writing is for the long haul and not the faint of heart!! Keep up the good work and thanks for the follow. ~ Ayanna Nahmias

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