Why Do Women Feel They Need to Starve Themselves?!?

I was waiting for the elevator for my next class and couldn’t help over hearing a conversation between two girls. Both were very skinny with stickly figures. I’ve seen skinnier but still there was no junk in the trunk or curvy hips to these ladies. I heard them complaining about not being able to go to the gym lately and then I heard this.

“Yeah I had a protein shake and a few almonds today, so I’m doing pretty good,” the first girl said.

The second girl replied, “Yeah I had a protein shake too plus an apple and a pack of mini M&M’s.”

I heard this right before 1 PM and I couldn’t believe how happy and proud they were about practically starving themselves and not eating properly.

Its so sad that women have a mind set that its okay to barely eat to look good or fit in, etc. Honestly, it down right disgusts me.

This brings me to a great idea to have my boyfriend, a Penn State student studying kinesiology and nutrition to be a guest blogger on my site to talk about proper nutrition and food choices for young women.

I think it would be great to start promoting and writing about how women should be healthy and not starve themselves to look a certain way.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on this topic feel free to comment!


One thought on “Why Do Women Feel They Need to Starve Themselves?!?

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