Fitness and Diet Tips for Females

On Thursday I posted “Why Do Women Feel They Need to Starve Themselves!?!” in response to a conversation I overheard between two girls while I was waiting for an elevator. In the post I mentioned having my boyfriend, Travis, a Penn State Kinesiology major, guest post on my blog about how women can loose weight healthy. Well he did just that! Below is an excerpt of his post, “A Females Guide to Losing Weight”.

For most females in today’s society, beauty is supposedly being thin. While this isn’t necessarily true, many self conscious people take it to the extremes. Whether it be from poor dieting, increased exercise, or tobacco intake, eating disorders occur and put serious health risks on many young women. The idea that women have on beauty is far from accurate, though.

Coming from a male perspective, guys do enjoy seeing females with some meat on their bones. Yes guys like to see nice butts and a decent sized chest, but an overall healthy look is a bigger turn on. The fact that guys can look at a female and think, “Hey, she doesn’t look like she’ll break something if she falls down” is a big plus. Not to mention it’s a plus if she’s athletic and tone. This is a main reason why most women starve themselves in order to get thin. The way to pursue weight loss isn’t by starving yourself, though.

Many people have the idea that the less you eat and more you exercise, the more weight you lose. While this can hold true, it’s not the healthiest way to go about it. The science behind the process is simple. I’ll break down everything as far as when and what to eat, what exercises to do (if any is really needed), and vitamins to help out along the process.

See the rest of the article here! Travis also, has other posts pertaining to weight loss and healthy lifestyles.


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