Living With Your Parents After College?

After reading the Cosmopolitan magazine article on research that shows that many college students move back in with their parents after graduation I wasn’t entirely shocked by the large number. What I did find shocking was how many people who could afford to live on their own, still chose to stay in their parents house. To me this seems absolutely insane. I can’t imagine moving in with my mom or dads house when I graduate. Its not because I don’t get along with my parents or they treat me like I am still in middle school, but because after college is when real life starts and you need to start taking care of yourself.

Most bachelor degree graduates are 22 or 23 by the time graduation rolls around. These graduates are well into young adulthood and are totally capable of living on their own and being their own person. Sure the economy sucks but if proper planning was done prior to college graduation, money could have been saved up to help purchase your own place and pay bills. Smart budgeting, even if you have a part-time job during college and/or high school, could have paid for the first few months rent. Obviously, holding a job after graduation is required to have your own place but even then with planning and thinking ahead that could be accomplished.

As for the people who have moved in with their parents after college and have the money and capabilities to live on their own but still choose not to … this seems like a lack of responsibility and maturity. Why would anyone not want to advance their life and have something of their own and move further along into adulthood?! I can’t even begin to contemplate an answer to that. If I was living off my parents when I was 23 plus years old, I would feel so ashamed of myself for the lack of respect towards the two people who have already given me more than I could ask for since I was born. These are the future leaders of the world we’re talking about here, but they live at home with mommy and daddy?!

Of course there are some expectations to some people if their is medical reasons or the like, but that is such a high percentage.

As for myself, I will do whatever I have to, to be able to live on my own and support myself. I work long hours at work to save money for my future and in the future if I need to get a second job to pay my rent then so be it. I cannot wait to be able to have a place to call my own and be proud of myself for accomplishing that!


3 thoughts on “Living With Your Parents After College?

  1. It really all depends on many different aspects. It could be that they have high amounts of student loans they have to start paying off as soon as they are finished with college and it is a hell of a lot easier to pay off when living with your parents. Although some parents will charge rent, it usually is not as high of a price as living in your own appartment. They can also live at their parents house in order to help them save money in order to put a down payment on a house and move out. Right after college it is fairly difficult for some to already have a significant amount of money saved up with other expenses and bills. For example if they needed to save up for a nice car or personally, i own a horse, so all my money goes towards bills for that, and i really feel sometimes i wont be able to save up until i have a steady increased income. Most people, when in school, limit the amount they can work too in order to focus on their school work. It has nothing to do with lack of maturity and responsibilty, if anything they are being more responsible for looking at the future benefits of living there. Of course if you are over 30 and living with your parents, there is a problem there, but 23 is fairly young, and you are still learning at this age.
    It can also depend on people’s dependence on their parents, how kind their parents are, if they have a good relationship, etc.. I am only 20, close to getting my associates, and soon will have my bachelors. I have 3 older brothers, all 8,10, and 12 years older than me. They have all moved back in and out of my house throughout their life. Currently the 8 year and 10 year older brothers are still living with me in my parents house.. It can be aggrevating, believe me, but it really makes me realize i will NOT be like them. but I will say that they all have their good reasons as to why they are still living there, and all have intentions to move out soon when they have the resources and money they need.

    • I see your point, but when I referred to lack of responsibility and immaturity I was talking about people who had moved back in with their parents after college for several years and have already saved up enough to live on their own comfortably, but still choose not to. I’m talking about the people who can pay bills, loans, have a car and can afford rent or a home.
      As for people who just graduate and move back in with their parents for a few years and then move out on their own, sometimes that’s unavoidable for various reasons. While that option is something that is defiantly not for m,e I can understand why some people choose that option.
      My main point was that with hard work, self-determination, and planning that students really can have the option of having a place of their own after college.

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