After a Stressful Week…Finally Moved Back Into College

I moved back to Pittsburgh this past Monday and it’s taken me forever to write a post about it! My dorm (which is a school apartment) is really freakin nice. It’s probably going to be nicer than my first apartment ha. The kitchen has black appliances and even a dishwasher. Living room is kind of small, but it has decent furniture. All the rooms have floor to ceiling windows with a beautiful view of the river and Station Square. I accidentally moved into the wrong bedroom at first (Point Park assigns bedrooms and I moved into bedroom C instead of B). So I had to move all of my stuff into the right room. I feel incredibly stupid for doing that, but all is well now. On top of moving into the wrong bedroom, I dropped my phone and now it’s not working, so I’m getting a new one sent to me.

Since I’m an Honors Program mentor I got to move in before my other roomies and practically more than half of the school. Everyone is moving in today so there are boxes and crap all through the kitchen and living room. Not really excited, just apprehensive about new roommates since I’ve had so many bad situations in the best. Who knows, this year could go smoothly in that area.

On top of moving in, I’ve spent the past four days cramming in Honors Program events. They lasted pretty much all day. Tuesday we had all day orientation where we had a trainer from The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania come and do a presentation for us. We learned about what role a mentor plays and how a mentor relationship is different from natural relationships (friends, parents, etc). It was really interested and a good learning experience.

After the presentation we had a free lunch…WOOT. The Honors Program is well-known for providing free food during their events so I devoured some delicious R&B’s Pizza (best pizza in downtown and my personal favorite). When we were done chowing down, we learned how to make towels animals for our resident mentees. I made two towel dogs and one towel elephant. They were kinda cool but kinda cheesy…meh oh well. We also put together some goodies bags for all of the new Honors students.

While delivering the goodies to their rooms I met one of my mentees on the elevator so that was cool.

On Wednesday we had the new Honors students move in so we helped them out with that and set up a move in table where we gave them their room keys and all that fun moving in stuff. Later that night we had an orientation dinner in the park. They served sandwiches and salads. A bit informal, but the food was good. We were supposed to play a group game but most of the kids bailed so it never happened. This is where everyone got to meet their mentees, but a lot of them didn’t show up. I only met one of mentees there and the mentee I met on Tuesday was there as well.

After the dinner another mentor and I took some of the mentees on a walk all around downtown which was a lot of fun. I was able to get to know some of the new students and they were able to learn about the city so it was a win/win situation.

Thursday we did a City As text activity which is where all the mentee groups paired up and toured different sections of Pittsburgh. After touring around the groups came back to school and put a presentation together to give the next morning to fellow Honors students. My group got downtown so again I walked all over downtown and North Shore showing kids around. It was a beautiful day and I had a pretty good time, plus we had some bangin grub at Mullen’s.

Friday morning we had the City As Text presentations and then we did a community service activity with the Animal Rescue League. Near the school we had cuddle a kitty for a dollar and in Market Square we had pet a puppy for a dollar. We also had a pet gift basket raffle for $1. It went really really well and I think we made a lot of money for ARL. People in the city really responded to seeing cute little kitties and puppies in the middle of downtown ha.

That was the last long day of Honors Program activities and events so now I have all weekend to chill out and the first day of class on Monday to look forward too. I’m not completely done with my room, but when I am, I will defiantly post pictures.

Toodles for now!

PS. I almost forgot to mention that in September I’m having a back to school giveaway in honor of the blogs belated one year anniversary. I know I’m way late on the giveaway considering the anniversary date was August 8, but hey, its free stuff. Keep checking back to hear more.


Back in the Burgh

Been in the Pitts for the past five days and have been so busy doing fun, stressful, and interesting things. Tomorrow all of my roommates move in and Monday classes officially start. I have errands to run and faculty to see so it seems I’ll continue to have another busy week. I’ll post more details later. Good luck to everyone who starts classes and is moving in!

1 Down, 14 to Go.

Last Thursday I finished my first week of my Junior year. It wasn’t too hard or too devastating; it was rather boring and uneventful. So far I like all my classes. I don’t think I’ll have a hard time passing them as long as I stay on track. The most boring class is defiantly going to be Study of Government. The instructor is this older, monotone, no bullshit type man. My instructor tries to be funny but it doesn’t really work out well. The entire class is all lecture with three exams and one little paper. A very boring way to learn in my opinion but luckily I bought the book as a back up plan. The most exciting class thus far is Intro to Broadcasting. In my last post I said that was my favorite so far and it still is. In my Visual Communication Design class I have a totally crazy instructor. He’s a sarcastic smart ass whose really down to earth and chill. Even though its kind of a intro to Photoshop class (I’ve used Photoshop since high school  so I would like to be more challenged) I think I’m going to like it and I hope a learn something new.

I’m still on the fence about the social aspects of this school. I’m sure most of you have seen Mean Girls and when I say plastics you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who don’t plastics are girls that look like barbie dolls, dress way way to nice to sit in a lecture class, have this fake, stuck up accent (like OMG no way!), are usually skanky, think they’re better than everyone else, and are rich (or like to think they are). Half of this school is just that, plastics and plastic comes in male form too, but they are usually referred to as tools or douche bags. They come with large diamond studded earrings, fake tans, and huge muscles (cough* Jersey Shore knockoffs *cough). There is normal people here at this school, you just have to look for them. I talked to a few people and had a few people approach me but I haven’t made any “friends” yet.

The roommate situation here is going pretty well. I must say I am far more comfortable here with my living situation than I was at AiP. All of my roommates are still being totally nice and from time to time we sit down and watch TV or a movie together or order take out. The other night roomie 1 and I shared a little family history and talked on a deeper level. Which was really good to get in touch with people you live with. They aren’t messy and are very fair about cleaning and sharing space.

I’m working on my application essay for the honors program. I really really hope I can get in. I think my essay is pretty good so far and I hope to have it done by the end of this week. If I get in, I have to maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 and  3.5 GPA in all my honors courses. I really hope I can do that and don’t mess up. Being in this program is the biggest deal to me while being here and I don’t want to throw it away.

I had my first day back to work on Saturday and it felt good to be back. I got to bullshit with my manger and catch up. The store I work at opened last November and only three of the original employees is still there, myself included. I found out that my ex roommate got fired for not showing up and calling off work all the time which really didn’t surprise me but gave me a good chuckle. Were open on Sundays now which means I can work more hours. So far I have 29 hours this week starting tomorrow. That’s a lot of hours and if I start working on Sunday that will add another 6. Once school really picks up I’m sure I’ll have to give up a few hours but for now I really need that money to pay off loans and things. It’s all part of my plan which I’ll explain at a later time.

After this first week I really hope that everything works out. I hope I can stay focused and on task and get good grades. I want to make money and save up as much as I can. If I don’t get into the honors programs I’m going to cry (just kidding). Most of all I really hope I make friends here. Even if its just one friend, I just want to find someone I truly connect to.

First Day of Class…Check!

Well its been a couple days since my last post and so many new things have happened. I met all my roommates on Sunday. I met roomie 3 first, then roomie 2, then roomie 1 (bedroom mate). All three are very nice and so was their families. I didn’t really talk to them much Saturday evening because I didn’t want to interrupt or get in the way of them unpacking.

On Sunday I walked around with roomies 2 and 3. They showed me around a little bit and introduced me to some of their friends. Later that day I walked around with roomie 1 who also showed me a few things and introduced me to a good bit of people. I ran into a coworker that attends school at PPU as well. We have coffee date set up for Wednesday so I’m excited to get to talk to her.

Later that evening, roomie 3 invited us all out to dinner at this Italian restaurant called Bucca di Pepp0, located in Station Square. Bucca serves dishes individually in family style portions. For example a Bucca small feeds 3-4 people where as Bucca large feeds 5-7. We ordered the apple gorgonzola salad, baked ziti and eggplant parmigiana. All three were extremely delicious, especially the salad. We chatted quite a bit and had a good time.

After that we had a floor meeting which was your typical floor meeting where you get to hear about all the rules blah blah blah. However, Point Park does a lot more stuff for their students which I found really cool. There’s a mystery bus that takes you to a random spot in Pittsburgh for a day and you get to hang out at that spot and adventure around. Free tickets to local attractions like the Carnegie Museum, the Mattress Factory, etc. So I have some fun to look forward to.

As for my first day of class…I had Journalistic Skills 1 at 9 am. It’s mostly about writing and editing in AP style format. It was kind of boring and we do a lot of grammar but we also do a lot of writing so I’m looking forward to that. I didn’t talk to anyone really in that class. It was all girls except two boys and I couldn’t see myself getting along with any of them besides two or three people.

Secondly I had Intro to Broadcasting. Obviously my favorite class thus far (even though its the first day). I chatted with a few girls in that class and it was more upbeat and fun. The girl that sat next to me was also a transfer student so we had common interest. I feel like I can get along with a good amount of people in that class. Mostly because of the shared interest in broadcasting. I’m probably a little more ahead of them in the video production world considering that’s a freshman class but hey, maybe I can teach someone something or help them out.

And now I’m sitting in my suite alone because my roommates have class or are seeing other friends. Not sure what to do with myself tonight because I’m done with class for today. It seems like I have an awful lot of free time and I’m starting to wish I worked this week. Also considered telling my boss I could work Mondays but come mid-term and finals week that could bite me in the ass. Or maybe if I ever get friends here I won’t be as bored. Who knows, only time will tell.


Suite Pictures!

Just wanted to share some pictures of my suite at PPU. Its pretty nice. Once the other girls get here I’m hoping we can spice it up and decorate it more. I have to get a poster frame for my Sex and the City poster to hang up on the wall beside my bed. I got a new bed set this year seeing how I lost my old one and even though its more girly than I’m usually into I think it fits quite well with the room and the bathroom.

Living Room from Doorway


Cute Coffee Rug I Bought


Reppin' the Steelers!

My Bedroom


Desk Area

Not sure how I'm going to fit all my clothes in here!


Classic Mirror Pic!


What to do at College Before Classes Start

For freshman, going to college may mean moving in 3-5 day before your classes even start. As for upper class-men it can be as early as 2 days. Besides moving in, going to orientations, and seeing old or new friends you still have a vast amount of free time. A big mistake that students make it by sitting in their dorm rooms doing nothing! Mostly because everything is new to them, they have a new found freedom, and they don’t know what to do with it! Here’s a list to give you a few ideas of how to use up your free time productively.

  • Explore Campus – Check out all the buildings, find your classrooms, find student services and offices. This way it can save you time when you go to your classes or need the school’s help. This can also be a good time to find a cafe or hang out spot for the future.
  • Attend School Sponsored Activities – Many colleges and universities set up events for students the week before classes. Some of them are informational or educational while some are just for fun. GO TO THEM! Even if you think it might be lame at least try it out. You could get free stuff, free food, or meet new people.
  • Start Job Hunting – Many of us can’t get through school without having a part time job. This would be the perfect time to look around and apply to businesses. Don’t forget to take a list of references and application information with you so you can fill out on the spot. Who knows they might just ask you for an interview.
  • Go to Career Services – Most schools have a career services department that help students prepare for entering the work force.They help you with resumes, help you find internships and part time jobs, and set up job fairs and similar events. These people are here to help you achieve and succeed so don’t waste it!
  • Start Studying Now – Students even in college tend to shy away from the word studying, however, preparing yourself before classes start can really help out in the long wrong. Pick up your textbooks early and start skimming over them to get an understanding of what you’ll be learning. You can also read over past material to refresh your mind.
  • Rekindle Past Friendships – Its been a long summer and you probably haven’t seen most of your friend if any from college. Meet up with them and spend time catching up.

Of course there are probably tons of others things to do during this time but these few things to me feel like productive but fun ways to spend your time before classes start.


I’m Back!

Yes as of yesterday I am back residing in Pittsburgh and starting my new journey at Point Park! My mom, dad, gram and pap helped me moved in yesterday. It took two cars to get all my stuff here but I ended up sending a lot back home with my parents because of limited space. I couldn’t keep my fridge out here because it was too tall so hopefully I can get a smaller fridge to put somewhere. I managed to get everything unpacked last night and the set up looks really good. So far I love this room and its way wayyyy nicer than anything I ever had or seen at AiP. It feels much more college like and cozy. Unfortunately, I have less clothes here than I normally would but what can ya do. Will, my best friend from out here stayed with me last night because I’m the only one in my room. There isn’t many people in the building either. I don’t like the area that this building is in, its pretty shady. Once there is more kids running around I will feel more safe. Will didn’t get here till about 1:30 in the morning and we ordered pizza and talked about what happened in our lives this summer.We basically got three hours of sleep because he had to go to work this morning.

Anyways, I haven’t figured out what to do today. I need to shower and get ready but there is so many things I want to explore around campus and the school is offering events for new students but I’m apprehensive about going because I don’t know anyone. One of my goals is to be more outgoing and I know I really should attend some things but I’m nervous. I guess we shall see what the day brings.

I got an email from one of my professors with the syllabus attached and he recommended getting my book for the first class. I see all my money disappearing rather quickly. It’s nice to know that PPU is more serious with books and being prepared. At AiP many instructors didn’t even use the book required. I didn’t know many kids that bought books at that school either. I’m up for a stronger academic challenge though.

Roomie Update! I have talked to all three roommates now and they all are friendly. They don’t move in till Saturday so I have one more night by myself.

I’m off to explore campus but I plan on writing more entries tonight so I can catch up on the past week. Stay tuned for my last week at home, pictures of my room, and advice on what to do before classes begin!


Leaving for Pittsburgh Tomorrow!

Yes thats right, my summer has finally come to an end. I’m packing up and heading to Pittsburgh to start my new college journey! I’m excited, sad, and nervous but I’m ready to get there. I have so much to fill everyone in on including Travis and I’s mini vacation and taking James to college and of course my move in experience. I’ll probably have more time tomorrow night to write so stay patient. For now I wish everyone a safe trip going back to college and good luck on this year!