Senior Year of College is Quickly Approaching

I can’t believe its almost here…my senior year of college (plus a summer semester, but hey I’m still a senior). So far it seems like it’s going to be a very busy year or at least a busy fall semester. If everything goes right I will have an internship, an undergrad apprenticeship and be an honors program mentor. I’m really looking forward to school and all the opportunities that lay ahead of me. Below is a brief description of everything I have going on for this school year.

  • Honors Program Mentor – I applied to be a mentor at the end of spring 2012 semester and was accepted for this position. Every year the Honors Program accepts incoming freshmen students into the program and invites them to move into Point Park a week early to do activities and events with the programs mentors that consist of upper class man. Each Mentor gets a group of mentee’s that they will meet with during the school year. After moving in early, the freshmen and mentors attend an orientation dinner where they will finally meet each other. The next few days are full of activities and events that help the students get familiar with the school, the Honors Program, the city and give them an opportunity to meet people and make friends. So far I have been able to get a hold of a few of my mentee’s via Facebook and have talked to them a little. I’m really excited to meet them all and help them with whatever they need.
  • Internship – Last school I worked with a non-profit group called Lending Hearts that works with children who have cancer. Lending Hearts hosts events and activities to provide cancer patients with recreational activities while being around peers who are going through the same thing. I developed a fundraiser for this group with the Honors Program for Valentine’s Day where we were able to raise $107 for Lending Hearts. Since then the president of Lending Hearts has become interested in working more with Point Park and plans on offering an internship for broadcasting, journalism and public relations students. I was notified right away about the internship and if all the paperwork goes through I should have landed the internship. I would be creating PSA’s about the program. I really hope that everything works out so I can get the spot. I have never had an internship before and it would greatly help me out.
  • Apprenticeship – The School of Communications offers apprenticeships to students. I’m hoping to get accepted as a U-View apprentice so I could work with the TV station doing all sorts of video production work. The apprenticeship requires a minimum of 10 hours per week and you get paid $2000 for the year which can either go towards your tuition or be split up into paychecks. All I have to do is turn in my cover letter, resume, and a DVD with some of my work and wait to hear back from the school.

On top of those three things, I have to keep my GPA up, remain on deans list and I have to keep my job at Dunkin Donuts because I can’t afford not to work. I also have to apply to Point Park for my masters degree and work on getting a graduate apprenticeship. My hands are defiantly going to be full if I acquire the internship and apprenticeship, but I’m up for the challenge.


I Never Want to Move Again

My dad signed off on the house this morning and handed over the keys to the new owner of the ranch house I called home for 15 years. The past month my life has been completely filled with moving out of the old house and getting the two new houses (moms house and dads house) ready to move into . I still can’t believe all of the stuff that my parent accumulated over the years and I don’t know how we managed to make it all fit into moms tiny attic and dads basement. It was very tedious and long week to get everything done. Now that we only have two houses to worry about I’m sure there will be a lot less stress.

For now on I will be living mainly with my mom in a three-story half double. It’s a very old house that was probably built-in the late 1800s or early 1900s. All the walls are curved and crooked and nothing is really level in the house. That’s something you can expect from old houses so it doesn’t really bother me. The neighborhood is nice and cozy, the only problem is the dog shelter across the street where the dogs bark constantly at you.

The kitchen hasn’t been redone at all. It still has the original wood cabinets. The newest thing in the room is the flower wallpaper and wood border along the bottom. The floor tiles are in pretty bad condition and are really filthy, nothing you can’t fix with some elbow grease though. Dad put new draws in because some of them were unusable and did a few other things to spruce it up a bit.

The dining room and living room were recently dry walled. Both rooms also have a new wood floors. I would say they are the nicest rooms in the house. They are really plain with just cream-colored paint on the walls. The dining room has a country/primitive wallpaper border around the top. It’s not really moms or my style, but the landlord put it up before we started renting.

My bedroom is fairly big in size. I now have a full-sized bed instead of twin and I got a new quilt from Target for it. None of the decor I had in my old bedroom goes with my new one so I have been on the hunt for new decorations and the like to put in my room. I got two framed pieces of art from Ollies Bargain Outlet for $5 a piece and a cute little bedside stand (I will post pictures later). I’m still looking for a tiny desk to sit my computer on and a table lamp for beside my bed.

The bathroom only has a tub in it, but the previous owners converted a closet into a shower room. Its kinda awkward and was not well constructed when we first started renting the house, but luckily my dad is really handy and redid most of the room and fixed the mistakes. Now it looks pretty good, just needs stained and decorated.Once its finished were decorating it uses teal and brown colors. Mom found some decorations that have silhouettes of birds on it so were adding that into the decor as well.

The attic is two tiny rooms. We are using one for storage and the other one we are converting into a walk-in closet. Unfortunately, there is no heat, air conditioning, or wall outlets on that floor. Its been a task to work around those problems, but we have been making it work so far. Once we get everything organized we are planning to decorate it. Were going for a vintage Paris theme, very fancy and elegant.

We still have boxes and crap everywhere. It going to take a few weeks to get settled in. We still need to hang things up on the walls and get the shower room done. I started taking before and during photos of the whole process and plan on posting those when the house is completely done. For now I will leave this post with a picture of my empty room at the old house and the initials Travis and I carved into the tree in the backyard the last night we had the house.

My empty room 😦

RW and TR…Travis and I’s initials carved into the tree in the backyard. We had our first kiss in the backyard so I felt like this was appropriate.

Summer Break Is Finally Here!

I’m on the fourth official day of summer break and so far its been a good break. I don’t head back to work till next weekend so I have a ton of free time to do things I actually want to do. Most of my time has been spent cleaning out my room and unpacking all my stuff school. Plus, I have spent a lot of time with Travis. It feels great to be able to sleep in, cook dinner,  have my own space and stay out late. Tomorrow night by little brother is coming home and I haven’t seen him in a long time so I am really excited.

There is so much I want to do this summer. This is going to be my last official summer as a kid and next summer I will have my own apartment in Pittsburgh with a real job and begin my adult life. I want my last young adult summer to go out with a bang. So far I have planned a trip to Ocean City, Maryland with my bestie Ash, her brother Geoff and Travis. Were going down during high school senior week so there will be a ton of rowdy, immature brats, but at least the bars wont be packed. I also have the 2nd Annual Gettin Lei’d Luau at my house in two weeks. I’m going to start planning for that party soon.

Below is a list I composed of other trips and things I want to do this summer. If anyone has any comments or suggestions or wants to share what they’re doing this summer comments are encouraged!

  • Weekend at Camp – poker, camp fires, grilling, middle of nowhere; whats not to love about that?
  • Knoebles Amusement Park
  • Drive-In Movies
  • Nature Walk at Alan Seeger Nature Area
  • Picnic and Swimming at Greenwood Furnace State Park
  • Tons of Bonfires
  • Visit Pittsburgh
  • Try some new Diners

I Got Spring Fever

Only eight days left until spring break and I am defiantly ready for it to be here! The only things standing in my way of going home is two exams, one test, one quiz, two  presentations,  one video package, six classes, 24 hours of work and a three hour car drive home. It’s mid term week here at Point Park and a lot is going on this week but with lots of coffee and keeping calm I can get through it. I hope spring break gives me a chance to relax and refuel myself to finish out the semester. I have become really burnt out with school, my job in Pitt and my living arrangements here. I’m not really enjoying any of my classes this semester. I don’t find them engaging or really interesting to me. This makes it really hard to get up in the morning and want to be in class. Work is more drama filled than ever and well, I live in a dorm, nuff said.  I want summer to be here so I can go to the beach and just do whatever I want and finally have some privacy! But for now I must settle for the eight days of spring break I have.

Things I want to do over break …

  • Play Sims 3 … a lot
  • Make my style board (pictures of fashions I like to help put my style together)
  • Catch up on some zzzz’s
  • See my family
  • Hang out with my friends
  • Take a trip to see my bestie
  • Cook and bake
  • Have a campfire/cook out at my camp
  • Work out
  • Take pictures of beautiful, pretty things
  • Eat good food

Pretty spring flowers make me happy

Am I the Only College Student That Cleans?!?

Ever since I was little and capable of doing things for myself my parents taught me how to clean. My brother and I would have a list of chores that we had to around the house. When school was in the chore list wasn’t big. Wash the dishes, clean your room, sweep, and help our parents with whatever they asked. During summer the list got bigger. We had to water the plants, feed and take care of the dogs and cats, sweep upstairs and downstairs, dust the house, do yard work and wash dishes. Once we got older we were given more chores. I started doing the laundry and cooking while my brother mowed the grass and even helped me cooks sometimes. There was always a punishment if we didn’t do our chores. For example, we had to do them before we went anywhere with friends and if we didn’t do them we couldn’t go anywhere that weekend. Of course there was always a scolding involved too. Also, if you didn’t do the chore correctly and did it “half assed” as my mom would say, you would redo the chore completely.

Well this looks familiar

At the time I hated that we had to do chores because none of my other friends were made to do things like my brother and I were. I hated cleaning and never wanted to do it, but now I am so thankful for my parents making me clean because I have realized how important it is. I have also realized how many of my peers now don’t take any responsibility or time to clean. Not even in the slightest bit. I learned that the hard way when I went to college.

I have roomed with nine different girls since I started college and none of them have ever taken responsibility when it comes to cleaning or sanitation. The first room I lived in was the worst experience for me. One of the girls never cleaned in the whole year I lived with her. That includes dirty dishes. She would leave her food mold in the fridge, borrow my dishes without permission and ruin them because she couldn’t cook, never cleaned the dishes she used and kept her room a mess. Another girl wasn’t too bad. She wasn’t around much so never really made a mess, but never took part in cleaning our kitchen or living area that we all shared. The other girl would help me clean, which was good, but she was a messy, cluttered and unorganized person. If she cleaned by her self she would do a half assed job of it.

I would come back to Pittsburgh from being home for a weekend, walk into my dorm and see how much of a complete mess it was and start crying. I don’t mean just a little dirty I mean it was unsanitary. Its hard to describe how bad it was, but it was terrible.

The second room started off okay. The girls would clean the kitchen and living area every so often. Maybe three or four times in the whole time I lived with them, but considering we had bed bugs for six months the entire living situation was always a complete mess. There was a lot of times where Travis (boyfriend) would come out to see me for a weekend and clean the place for me because he knew how stressed it made me.

Now I am in a third room and new school and I still have the same problem. I clean every weekend and by Friday this place is a disgusting, shit hole. My roommate hasn’t cleaned ever. She barely does her dishes. The other two girls in the next room wash there dishes, but they have never taken time to clean the kitchenette or shared living space that they use more than I do.

When I clean I go all out. I use bleach and other disinfectant sprays. I scrub the shower and the toilet, clean the inside of the toilet, clean the bathroom sink, faucet, and count top, wipe the mirrors, vacuum, swifter, mop, scrub the kitchen counter, clean out the microwave, clean the garbage can, the whole nine yards. It usually takes me three-four hours to clean the whole place.

I think the most frustrating part about it is that I work (15-20 hours) and am taking six class on top of that. I’m also a junior who is close to graduating and they are only sophomores. All three of them have jobs but they don’t work nearly as much as I do. So I have less time to worry about cleaning up after someone’s mess. But this place is so gross that I keep cleaning because of how much living somewhere that is unsanitary stresses me out. I don’t deserve to clean up someone’s mess because they are too irresponsible to do it themselves.

I don’t understand how someone can be okay with living that way. Do they just not care? Did their parents never bring them up to clean up after themselves? Are they just spoiled brats who are used to having everything in life done for them? I’m not sure, but from my experience its not going to get any better.

Oh the fun of October

October has gone and passed but it was quite the eventful month for me. With midterms, a 21st birthday and a weekend trip to Erie I was quite a busy girl. I had a really good month though and really want to share my party and weekend in Erie with everyone.

21st Birthday

Well I had the best birthday prize ever. My little brother is attending military college in Vermont so the only communication I have with him is via email. He had a mid semester break the weekend of birthday but couldn’t make it home because plane tickets were so expensive and told me he was going to stay with a rook brother in Connecticut. The night before I left, my mom told me as soon as I got off the train we were going to lunch with my brothers girlfriend … a little odd. Then while I was on the train my brother kept texting me and I told him him I was going to eat with his girlfriend soon and he said yeah I’m going out to eat soon too with a lol at the end of it … coincidence? Well I get off the train and no ones there to get me because the train arrived earlier than expected. My neighbor was there picking up his brother so he was jabbing to me while my mom pulled in. My mom was acting a bit odd and tried to pull me away from talking to my neighbor. At that moment I look down the road in which you leads to the train station parking lot and I see a familiar black mustang coming towards the station. I look at mom, back at the mustang, back at mom, back at the mustang, back at mom and say, “Is that James?” She shakes her head yes and I just stand there in utter amazement, watching him park his car and trying not to cry. He jumps out and of the car and yells “Yeah I guess I’m not in Connecticut!”. I start crying and give him a hug and see his girlfriend coming out the car. Apparently, she had no idea he was coming either. Then Travis showed up at the station and we all went to meet my dad at my favorite diner, Reds for lunch.

So the start of my weekend was great and it ended great went way to fast. My party was a huge hit and 16 of my brothers and I’s friends showed up. It was a cold night for a fire but still it was awesome. The decoration mom bought made everything look great and my hot pink, zebra print cake was frickin’ awesome! I finally got to see Ash and a lot of other good friends. It was nice to have the “crew” together again. Below is some pictures from the party and I’ll be adding some to my flickr account …

My Awesome Birthday Cake!

Me and Trav

Candy and Mocktail Bar

Food Table

236th Marine Corps Birthday Ball

The weekend after my birthday I went with Travis to the Marine ball in Erie. It just so happened that on Saturday morning as we made our three hour trip a snow storm decided to fall across Pennsylvania. Wouldn’t you know that the GPS took us off the highway and through the woods and mountains to get there. It wasn’t terrible though and the snow wasn’t really bad where we were. It made a really interesting trip though. The GPS took us through Cook State Park, which had all these little tourist attractions. There was stables, cabins, Indian gift shops, and other outdoorsy, mountain man stuff. I love the outdoors so I was really spastic about looking at everything and really want to go there sometime.

Anywho, we made it to Erie and checked into the hotel where I had to stay alone for three hours while Trav went to base and did fun Marine stuff. When he came back we went to Apple-bee’s for dinner because I was starving. So then we go back to the hotel room and get all spiffed up for the ball. My dress was from my senior prom and didn’t fit me as well as it used to and I wasn’t able to get my hair done so I wasn’t thrilled but hey, at least I didn’t wear furry, Ugg boots (yeah with a dress and everything to a formal event … wtf?).

I had a really really good time. We met up with Trav’s good friend and his girl who was cool as shit. The absolute best part of the night was when I got Travis to dance. I don’t just mean slow dancing either. He did the Cupid Shuffle and tried to dance to other songs. Needless to say , Travis is not a good dancer ha. It was a really good weekend and I’m glad we got to spend time together.

Spiffed up from the toe up!

I hate it when he makes stupid faces for pictures.


Time Flys

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was starting school. Now were in the heart of the semester with midterms almost over and Thanksgiving break coming closer and closer. Its been awhile since I gave any reports on my progress at school or followed up with any of my previous posts. So here it goes …

Dunkin Donuts ROR or Donut Lady of Doom

We passed the ROR with a 95 percent. She docked us five points for a not thoroughly baked muffin. It was warm and all but the inside was a little gooey. Nothing I wouldn’t eat though.

The morning started off well with a handful of good employees and a normal slow Saturday. The inspection lady was sitting in the lobby with our regional manager.

Then out of nowhere 18 to 55 year old women started pouring in. The number of guests increased steadily until we had a line out the door and down the sidewalk. The busiest we’ve been since opening week. We later found out that there was an all women convention nearby. So the regional manager and inspection lady came in for back up to eliminate the female hostiles on the front line. The counter attack was done in a highly organized and prestigious manner and we eliminated the oncoming threat within two hours or less.

After that everything went back to normal and it was a boring long day of no phone or cell phones or popping a munchkin into my mouth when I got hungry.

I was rewarded for my courageous valor with a certificate of gratitude for my cheerfulness and continual smiling persona. I also received a wonderful pin that says “U Make it Dunkin”. I was pretty pumped about the pin.

Pin and card

Family Weekend

This past weekend was Family Weekend at Point Park. The plan was that my parents would come out on Saturday to tour around the city and visit the zoo and Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History, we would go to dinner, hit up the student video showing, and then take a carriage ride through the downtown area at night. Travis would come out Friday night, spend the whole weekend with me, and be part of the weekend festivities.

The plans drastically changed before last Friday. Travis had to work Friday night and go to class Saturday morning. While I was letting my mom into my building I dropped my phone and bye bye screen so we had to find a Verizon store so I could get a brand new phone.

We decided to get me a phone after we had lunch at my favorite diner.  Mom forget her GPS and I had no black printer ink so we had to buy ink then print out directions which didn’t get used anyway because  because traffic was terrible and roads were blocked off because of the Occupy Pittsburgh protest. It took us an hour to get to the diner. It then took us two hours at the Verizon store to get this whole phone situation taking care of. I couldn’t get the phone I wanted so I got the newly released Samsung Stratosphere which so far has been a good phone.

Then we went to the Carnegie Museums knowing at this point we would never make it to the zoo. By the time we got our tickets Travis made it and we met up with him. We spent about two hours in the museum then headed to dinner at Bucca di Peppo.

When we go to Bucca the wait was an hour and a half so we walked down to the Hard Rock and ate there. By the time we got to eat we missed the student video showcase. Mom and dad decided to drop Travis and I off at the school after dinner so him and I could just take the carriage rides and then could go home. So we did just that.

Although nothing went right I had a really good time with my family and glad they came out to see me. It would be really great if they could come out more and see the city with me.

Madre and I

Travis and I being goofy

Really cool artwork

21st Birthday Party

My birthday is only five days away and I still have party decorations to make, cleaning, and other preparations. I have to wait till I get home to do them all though. So that gives me Friday night and all day Saturday to get everything ready. I wish I could say I was totally ex-tactic and highly anticipating the weekend but right now the only thing on my mind is school and everything I need to get done before I leave Friday morning. I just wish the weekend would hurry up and get here.


I GOT ACCEPTED INTO THE HONORS PROGRAM!!! Yep, that’s right, I finally made it in and completed one of the goals on my semester list. I seem to be doing well in most of my classes except Government. I have a feeling that I didn’t do well on the exam because I was so sick I didn’t prepare as well as I would have liked to. I still have no friend here. I have a few acquaintances and people I say hey to when I walk past them but I haven’t made a significant friend. I work all the time anyway so I don’t have the time to make them ha.

I do really like it here though. I actually enjoy studying and doing homework and going to class. Its not a drag like AiP. I strongly feel like I’m finally where I should be and that what I’m doing isn’t a joke. I’m so glad that I left AiP and I know I made the right decision. It’s a really great feeling to know that you like where you are in life and feel happy.

That wraps it up for now. Enjoy 🙂 Oh wait … I’m going to be uploading more photos to my flickr account once I get the off of moms camera so you should definitely check back for those!


Day 13: 60 Day Blog Challenge

A date you would love to go on

I don’t have the perfect date planned out in my head. Never have and never will. I’m not much for idealistic or material things. To me all that really matters on a date is your spending time with the person you like or love. Or even if its a bad date with a person you find you cant stand, at least you got a good laugh out of it.

No fancy restaurants, expensive wine, or designer dresses are required for a date with this girl. I want to show the real me, how I am everyday. Going to a old, run-down diner but with  a lot of character would be a great spot. Getting a coffee, nice greasy burgers or some amazing breakfast. Maybe splitting a banana split for dessert. Conversing about each others lives, politics, art, life, music, etc. Starring at the other people in the diner wondering what their life story is. Followed by a ride down some old, off the beatin’ path road. Stopping at a random field to gaze up at the stars or find a good look out spot that shows a town or valley of fields and tries. Or a city in some cases. Just exploring the evening and night together talking about random and crazy things.

That’s my type of date. Nothing fabulous, nothing pricey, just good quality time together.

Travis and I at my hometown diner


I want to pack a suitcase and drive.

I want to roam unknown roadways and see sights that make me feel alive.

I want to see the beauty of the world.

Windows down, hair in my face, cigarette in hand, and music on full blast.


I need to break out of the daily process called life.

Nothing else matters because this, this is the world.

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