Day 7: 60 Day Blog Challenge

Your opinion on cheating people.

A cheating person could be a student who looks off of another students work during a test and steals their answers. A cheating person could also be someone who plagiarized someone’s original work. A cheating person could cheat in a sport or game to win. A person could cheat their tax’s to get back more on their tax returns. These are only just a few examples of how people can cheat through out their lives. Out of my own curiosity I typed in “cheating people” and “top ways people cheat” and wasn’t at all surprised by my results.

At an adult and mature age the number one thing that pops into peoples minds when they hear the word “cheat” is in reference to romantic relationships. Big surprise right. I’m not going to beat a dead horse by going into some story about people cheating in a relationship blah blah blah. In general, I look down upon cheating. But let’s face it, were only humans.

I can confidently say that 95% percent of the worlds population has cheated in some way. I know I have. Sometimes its little, stupid things that don’t matter. Other times its huge, important things. Either way you cheated none the less. The reason being is because everyone has a hint of selfishness in them. Everyone wants to further things in their lives and sometimes you have to cheat to do it. Sometimes cheating isn’t a bad thing if the outcome has made something right.

What I’m trying to say here is that their is always two sides to every story and you need to be fully aware of both. Also, cheating isn’t the end of the world (maybe for some people it is ie. death penalty) just go on and live your life.


Drinking With The Enemy

It was a cool, stormy night when we met. You were so warm and irresistible. It didn’t take long to get to know each other well and when I felt instant satisfaction as you came to my lips. The first night together was so phenomenal that I couldn’t help but seeing you again the next day. I thought of you all morning. I was so restless. I couldn’t stand waiting anymore and I knew I had to have you…now. I quickly left my room in search of you. I longed for your enticing taste, your smell, and the way you made everything seem so much better.

After our second encounter the feeling of guilt began to settle in. I knew I had cheated, something I had sworn I would never do. But you were so easy and convenient. I couldn’t help but fall for you once again. Thoughts of you keep running through my mind but I’m hesitant to let these meetings become a habit. I feel I could totally lose myself in you.

I can’t believe it had come to this. I have cheated on Dunkin Donuts with Starbucks.

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