Time Flys

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was starting school. Now were in the heart of the semester with midterms almost over and Thanksgiving break coming closer and closer. Its been awhile since I gave any reports on my progress at school or followed up with any of my previous posts. So here it goes …

Dunkin Donuts ROR or Donut Lady of Doom

We passed the ROR with a 95 percent. She docked us five points for a not thoroughly baked muffin. It was warm and all but the inside was a little gooey. Nothing I wouldn’t eat though.

The morning started off well with a handful of good employees and a normal slow Saturday. The inspection lady was sitting in the lobby with our regional manager.

Then out of nowhere 18 to 55 year old women started pouring in. The number of guests increased steadily until we had a line out the door and down the sidewalk. The busiest we’ve been since opening week. We later found out that there was an all women convention nearby. So the regional manager and inspection lady came in for back up to eliminate the female hostiles on the front line. The counter attack was done in a highly organized and prestigious manner and we eliminated the oncoming threat within two hours or less.

After that everything went back to normal and it was a boring long day of no phone or cell phones or popping a munchkin into my mouth when I got hungry.

I was rewarded for my courageous valor with a certificate of gratitude for my cheerfulness and continual smiling persona. I also received a wonderful pin that says “U Make it Dunkin”. I was pretty pumped about the pin.

Pin and card

Family Weekend

This past weekend was Family Weekend at Point Park. The plan was that my parents would come out on Saturday to tour around the city and visit the zoo and Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History, we would go to dinner, hit up the student video showing, and then take a carriage ride through the downtown area at night. Travis would come out Friday night, spend the whole weekend with me, and be part of the weekend festivities.

The plans drastically changed before last Friday. Travis had to work Friday night and go to class Saturday morning. While I was letting my mom into my building I dropped my phone and bye bye screen so we had to find a Verizon store so I could get a brand new phone.

We decided to get me a phone after we had lunch at my favorite diner.  Mom forget her GPS and I had no black printer ink so we had to buy ink then print out directions which didn’t get used anyway because  because traffic was terrible and roads were blocked off because of the Occupy Pittsburgh protest. It took us an hour to get to the diner. It then took us two hours at the Verizon store to get this whole phone situation taking care of. I couldn’t get the phone I wanted so I got the newly released Samsung Stratosphere which so far has been a good phone.

Then we went to the Carnegie Museums knowing at this point we would never make it to the zoo. By the time we got our tickets Travis made it and we met up with him. We spent about two hours in the museum then headed to dinner at Bucca di Peppo.

When we go to Bucca the wait was an hour and a half so we walked down to the Hard Rock and ate there. By the time we got to eat we missed the student video showcase. Mom and dad decided to drop Travis and I off at the school after dinner so him and I could just take the carriage rides and then could go home. So we did just that.

Although nothing went right I had a really good time with my family and glad they came out to see me. It would be really great if they could come out more and see the city with me.

Madre and I

Travis and I being goofy

Really cool artwork

21st Birthday Party

My birthday is only five days away and I still have party decorations to make, cleaning, and other preparations. I have to wait till I get home to do them all though. So that gives me Friday night and all day Saturday to get everything ready. I wish I could say I was totally ex-tactic and highly anticipating the weekend but right now the only thing on my mind is school and everything I need to get done before I leave Friday morning. I just wish the weekend would hurry up and get here.


I GOT ACCEPTED INTO THE HONORS PROGRAM!!! Yep, that’s right, I finally made it in and completed one of the goals on my semester list. I seem to be doing well in most of my classes except Government. I have a feeling that I didn’t do well on the exam because I was so sick I didn’t prepare as well as I would have liked to. I still have no friend here. I have a few acquaintances and people I say hey to when I walk past them but I haven’t made a significant friend. I work all the time anyway so I don’t have the time to make them ha.

I do really like it here though. I actually enjoy studying and doing homework and going to class. Its not a drag like AiP. I strongly feel like I’m finally where I should be and that what I’m doing isn’t a joke. I’m so glad that I left AiP and I know I made the right decision. It’s a really great feeling to know that you like where you are in life and feel happy.

That wraps it up for now. Enjoy 🙂 Oh wait … I’m going to be uploading more photos to my flickr account once I get the off of moms camera so you should definitely check back for those!



Double D’s ROR … or donut lady of doom

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow is my Dunkin Donuts store’s ROR day. What ROR stands for I don’t really know but the definition would be the day the doughnut nazi lady comes into our restaurant and looks over every nook and cranny and inspects everything down to a sprinkle on a doughnut.

Really, its not that bad from what my manager told me but I guess I’m pretty nervous about working on this oh so special day. But everything has to be by the book. All the donuts must look like they were just freshly baked in Antonin Careme’s kitchen. Everything most be stocked and properly displayed . All the employees must greet the guests properly and build coffees, sandwiches, and other beverages correctly.

Photo Credit: averageparent.com

I cant even begin to tell you about the serious amounts of cleaning I have put into tomorrow already. Why did I work 37 hours last week you may have been wondering? Well because I spent extra time scrubbing the black, built-up grime off of the counters and bleaching the walls to there originals whites. You would think with a full team of wonderful employees (sarcasm) that we would all do our share. Kind of like that song they taught you in pre-school “clean up clean up everybody everywhere clean up clean up everybody do your share”. What a joke that was because myself and one other crew member has worked on getting this place ready (besides he managers of course).

The inspection lady even asks the employees questions. For example, how long is a bagels shelf life, what comes in the box of joe bags, what temperature must he water be when washing your hands. And we have to have a two minute service time for every order.

Its a pretty precise ordeal. We have an ROR every 6 months but last time I wasn’t in town. Somehow we managed to get a 100 percent. The first store in the downtown area to ever get a perfect score.

So here I am going blind into the line of fire with the pressure of not messing up our perfection. I’m just afraid I’ll make one little, stupid mistake and screw the whole thing up. I get nervous when someone is breathing down my neck just waiting to receive the pleasure of me making a mistake. I just have to remember the three C’s: calm, cool, and collected. Plus a dash of wit and charm.  Wish me luck!

Circa 2008ish HAHA



Drinking With The Enemy

It was a cool, stormy night when we met. You were so warm and irresistible. It didn’t take long to get to know each other well and when I felt instant satisfaction as you came to my lips. The first night together was so phenomenal that I couldn’t help but seeing you again the next day. I thought of you all morning. I was so restless. I couldn’t stand waiting anymore and I knew I had to have you…now. I quickly left my room in search of you. I longed for your enticing taste, your smell, and the way you made everything seem so much better.

After our second encounter the feeling of guilt began to settle in. I knew I had cheated, something I had sworn I would never do. But you were so easy and convenient. I couldn’t help but fall for you once again. Thoughts of you keep running through my mind but I’m hesitant to let these meetings become a habit. I feel I could totally lose myself in you.

I can’t believe it had come to this. I have cheated on Dunkin Donuts with Starbucks.

Photo Cred: ireallylikefood.com