First Day of Class…Check!

Well its been a couple days since my last post and so many new things have happened. I met all my roommates on Sunday. I met roomie 3 first, then roomie 2, then roomie 1 (bedroom mate). All three are very nice and so was their families. I didn’t really talk to them much Saturday evening because I didn’t want to interrupt or get in the way of them unpacking.

On Sunday I walked around with roomies 2 and 3. They showed me around a little bit and introduced me to some of their friends. Later that day I walked around with roomie 1 who also showed me a few things and introduced me to a good bit of people. I ran into a coworker that attends school at PPU as well. We have coffee date set up for Wednesday so I’m excited to get to talk to her.

Later that evening, roomie 3 invited us all out to dinner at this Italian restaurant called Bucca di Pepp0, located in Station Square. Bucca serves dishes individually in family style portions. For example a Bucca small feeds 3-4 people where as Bucca large feeds 5-7. We ordered the apple gorgonzola salad, baked ziti and eggplant parmigiana. All three were extremely delicious, especially the salad. We chatted quite a bit and had a good time.

After that we had a floor meeting which was your typical floor meeting where you get to hear about all the rules blah blah blah. However, Point Park does a lot more stuff for their students which I found really cool. There’s a mystery bus that takes you to a random spot in Pittsburgh for a day and you get to hang out at that spot and adventure around. Free tickets to local attractions like the Carnegie Museum, the Mattress Factory, etc. So I have some fun to look forward to.

As for my first day of class…I had Journalistic Skills 1 at 9 am. It’s mostly about writing and editing in AP style format. It was kind of boring and we do a lot of grammar but we also do a lot of writing so I’m looking forward to that. I didn’t talk to anyone really in that class. It was all girls except two boys and I couldn’t see myself getting along with any of them besides two or three people.

Secondly I had Intro to Broadcasting. Obviously my favorite class thus far (even though its the first day). I chatted with a few girls in that class and it was more upbeat and fun. The girl that sat next to me was also a transfer student so we had common interest. I feel like I can get along with a good amount of people in that class. Mostly because of the shared interest in broadcasting. I’m probably a little more ahead of them in the video production world considering that’s a freshman class but hey, maybe I can teach someone something or help them out.

And now I’m sitting in my suite alone because my roommates have class or are seeing other friends. Not sure what to do with myself tonight because I’m done with class for today. It seems like I have an awful lot of free time and I’m starting to wish I worked this week. Also considered telling my boss I could work Mondays but come mid-term and finals week that could bite me in the ass. Or maybe if I ever get friends here I won’t be as bored. Who knows, only time will tell.



Wooo! First post!

Hey everyone! Rachel here; just wanted to start off my first blog post by saying welcome and thanks for checking it out. I just wanted to let everyone know why I decided to start this blog with my best friend and how both our ideas mixed together.

I’ve never been a hardcore blogger, hell I’ve never been really into facebook much either, but I always admired a couple females that blogged and considered starting my own blog. The only problem I really had was I never knew what to blog about until recently. A few weeks ago I was reading some college websites and looking over my college information and it just hit me. I should write a blog about my experience in college and offer advice to other college goers. I really thought this would be a great idea for me to open up and meet my new goals and wishes for my future. Here’s why…

Two years ago I started off my freshman year of college at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Digital Film and Video Production. Long story short I ended up really not enjoying it there. I didn’t fit in with the student body, I had housing issues, financial issues, rude employees, and I felt unchallenged and unsatisfied. I knew that I could do better and challenge myself more. I also realized that I wanted to have the “real” college experience that I wasn’t getting at AiP (Art Institute for short). After some consideration and a visit to the school, I applied to Point Park University (literally right across the street from AiP) and was accepted. I’ve been looking forward to going to Point Park so much and I’ve promised myself that I wanted to open myself up more than already have in the past and expand on that. I want to be more involved with school and do better academically. I figured that starting a blog could help me open up more to new people and ideas while documenting something that I hope is a life changing journey.

Now that I explained where the idea came from, you’re probably wondering where Ashley came into play with this. Well after thinking over ideas and a theme for my blog I realized that Ash was in basically the same position I am and ironically going to attend school at the “split end” of PA. So I told her about my ideas and asked her to hop on board and she automatically said yes. I’ll let her fill you in on her side more later with her first post.

Anyways, I hope that this blog can be an interesting and exciting way for Ash and I to stay in touch. I also hope that somehow this blog reaches out to college students and young adults. Enjoy everyone!