Day 18: 60 Day Blog Challenge

Disrespecting parents

I’m not much for being disrespectful to my parents. Even when I get mad at them because I’m getting yelled at for something stupid I tend to keep my mouth shut because its easier and they brought me into this world.

Some parents are terrible parents, there is such a thing and don’t deserve respect from their children. But for those parents who have spent time with their kids growing up and did a lot for them deserve the utmost respect.



Day 17: 60 Day Blog Challenge

Things that make you scared

Needles, heights, the dark (literally not being able to see your hand an inch away from you dark), that’s pretty much it. There is situations or events in my life that have had me scared but nothing overwhelming.

Oh the fun of October

October has gone and passed but it was quite the eventful month for me. With midterms, a 21st birthday and a weekend trip to Erie I was quite a busy girl. I had a really good month though and really want to share my party and weekend in Erie with everyone.

21st Birthday

Well I had the best birthday prize ever. My little brother is attending military college in Vermont so the only communication I have with him is via email. He had a mid semester break the weekend of birthday but couldn’t make it home because plane tickets were so expensive and told me he was going to stay with a rook brother in Connecticut. The night before I left, my mom told me as soon as I got off the train we were going to lunch with my brothers girlfriend … a little odd. Then while I was on the train my brother kept texting me and I told him him I was going to eat with his girlfriend soon and he said yeah I’m going out to eat soon too with a lol at the end of it … coincidence? Well I get off the train and no ones there to get me because the train arrived earlier than expected. My neighbor was there picking up his brother so he was jabbing to me while my mom pulled in. My mom was acting a bit odd and tried to pull me away from talking to my neighbor. At that moment I look down the road in which you leads to the train station parking lot and I see a familiar black mustang coming towards the station. I look at mom, back at the mustang, back at mom, back at the mustang, back at mom and say, “Is that James?” She shakes her head yes and I just stand there in utter amazement, watching him park his car and trying not to cry. He jumps out and of the car and yells “Yeah I guess I’m not in Connecticut!”. I start crying and give him a hug and see his girlfriend coming out the car. Apparently, she had no idea he was coming either. Then Travis showed up at the station and we all went to meet my dad at my favorite diner, Reds for lunch.

So the start of my weekend was great and it ended great went way to fast. My party was a huge hit and 16 of my brothers and I’s friends showed up. It was a cold night for a fire but still it was awesome. The decoration mom bought made everything look great and my hot pink, zebra print cake was frickin’ awesome! I finally got to see Ash and a lot of other good friends. It was nice to have the “crew” together again. Below is some pictures from the party and I’ll be adding some to my flickr account …

My Awesome Birthday Cake!

Me and Trav

Candy and Mocktail Bar

Food Table

236th Marine Corps Birthday Ball

The weekend after my birthday I went with Travis to the Marine ball in Erie. It just so happened that on Saturday morning as we made our three hour trip a snow storm decided to fall across Pennsylvania. Wouldn’t you know that the GPS took us off the highway and through the woods and mountains to get there. It wasn’t terrible though and the snow wasn’t really bad where we were. It made a really interesting trip though. The GPS took us through Cook State Park, which had all these little tourist attractions. There was stables, cabins, Indian gift shops, and other outdoorsy, mountain man stuff. I love the outdoors so I was really spastic about looking at everything and really want to go there sometime.

Anywho, we made it to Erie and checked into the hotel where I had to stay alone for three hours while Trav went to base and did fun Marine stuff. When he came back we went to Apple-bee’s for dinner because I was starving. So then we go back to the hotel room and get all spiffed up for the ball. My dress was from my senior prom and didn’t fit me as well as it used to and I wasn’t able to get my hair done so I wasn’t thrilled but hey, at least I didn’t wear furry, Ugg boots (yeah with a dress and everything to a formal event … wtf?).

I had a really really good time. We met up with Trav’s good friend and his girl who was cool as shit. The absolute best part of the night was when I got Travis to dance. I don’t just mean slow dancing either. He did the Cupid Shuffle and tried to dance to other songs. Needless to say , Travis is not a good dancer ha. It was a really good weekend and I’m glad we got to spend time together.

Spiffed up from the toe up!

I hate it when he makes stupid faces for pictures.